2012 Venues

O’leary Middle School 2350 Elizabeth Blvd., Cucina Gemelli 233 5th Ave. S.,

Stitchin’ Time 143 Main Ave. E., Barton’s Jewelry 546 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.,

Twin Falls Public Library 201 4th Ane. E., ANNEtiques etc. 325 Main Ave. E.,

Susan’s Antiques 227 Main Ave. E

Music Center 221 Main Ave. E., Jensen Ringmakers 109 Main Ave.,

Bakehouse 144 Main Ave. S., Sav More Drug 139 Main Ave. W.,

Donnelley Sports 161 2nd Ave. N., Bead Shop 125 Main Ave E.,

Twin Falls Sewing 157 Main Ave. W., Cookie Basket 106 Main Ave N.,

Flutter 1520Fillmore St., Everton’s Mattress & Furniture Gallery 347 Poleline,

The Coffee Shop 1105 Kimberly Rd., Rudy’s 147 Main Ave. W.,

Hands On 147 Shoshone St. N., Snow’s Antiques 1347 Filer Ave. E.,

Main Street Plaza 132 Main Ave S.,  Montana Stakehouse 1826 Canyon Crest,

Copy-IT 544 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.,

Elevation 486 195 River Vista Place, Float Center LLC 540 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Kurt’s Pharmacy and Hallmark 1203 Filer Ave. E., Native Skin 135 Main Ave. E.

Scrappin girlfriends 123 Main Ave. E., Alpine Jewelers 1520 Fillmore St.,

Cobble Creek Clothing 1303 Filer Ave. E., Middlekauff Honda 1237 Blue Lakes Blvd.N.,

Randy Hansen Automotive 636 Poleline Rd., Cycle Therapy 1542 Fillmore St.,

Woody’s – 213 5th Ave. S., Depot Grill 545 Shoshone St S.,

Twin Falls Center for the Arts 195 River Vista Place,  Oah La La! 132 Main Ave. S.,

.. Advantage Archery Inc. 251 Main Ave. E.

Middlekauff Ford Lincoln Mercury 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd.N., Hudson Shoes 1207 Filer Ave. E.

The Cup Cake 1563 Fillmore St. N., A Shot in the Dark 1020 Blue Lakes Blvd. N., The Original Gyros & Coffee Shop 132 Main Ave. S.,

O’Dunken’s 102 Main Ave. N. KIWI LOCO 1520 Fillmore St. N

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