2017 Woodwork Category







7-015 Donald Pica – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Woodwork 
Checkmate 20″x20″x16″ maple, walnut inlay
Sponsor: Columbia Bank – Twin Falls, ID                                                      Venue: Columbia Bank – 113 Main Ave. W.

Woodworking over the years has been something that I have enjoyed doing and provided a means of getting away from the necessary routines of life.

The chess / checkerboard table is constructed of American black walnut, hard maple, and elm burl. Then legs and case are black walnut with elm burl applied to the single drawer “fronts” and the case sides. The single drawer opens on either end to reveal the compartments holding the playing pieces for each player. The burl is also applied around the checker board top made up of alternating square maple and walnut pieces.  The top is inlaid with a decorative holly-ebony strip.

As mentioned the drawer, secured by hidden bullet catches, opens in either direction to remove the chess pieces or checkers which are secured by interlocking maple compartments resting on a felt bottom.

The rails opposite the drawer have trays that slide out to hold the pieces taken during play.

All surfaces were sanded to 150 grit and the a finish of natural Watco oil was applied followed by several spray coats of satin varathane varnish.






7-050 Ron Gerton – Richland, WA                                                       Category – Woodwork                                                                                        Three Ponies 45″x34″x4″
Sponsor: Vickie Gerton – Richland, WA
 Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

Ron is a retired mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in the nuclear field.  The Art Nouveau style, with its emphasis on natural forms and shapes, is a favorite design inspiration. He creates hollow vessels from highly figured wood and combines these with cast bronze shapes to create unique  sculptures in his bronze foundry,  he constructed out of discarded industrial materials. To him, nature is the greatest creator of beauty and his challenge is to display it beautifully. Ron’s work is in the permanent collection of Detroit Institute of Art Museum,  New York Museum of Art and Design, Boston Museum of Fine Art, Addison Museum of Art and Fuller Craft Museum (Boston), Minneapolis Museum of Fine Art, Mobile Museum of Fine Art, University of Michigan Art Museum, Peabody Essex Museum of Art (Salem, MA).









7-052 Ken Triplett – Filer, ID
Category – Woodwork
Soaring High 5″x46″x46″ paper, alder, pine, pencil and oil paint
Sponsor: Chris & Anna Scholes – Twin Falls, ID                                         Venue: Everton Mattress and Furniture Gallery –1347 Pole Line Rd.

Triplett is Proud to live in the Great State of Idaho for 40 years. His Journey began in the Mountains of Northern California where he learned art and woodworking from various masters. Living in a majestic environment he grew to love the mountains and surroundings of plants, trees, animals etc.

Soaring High is inspired from his love of the outdoors. Triplett has always been drawn to the Bald Eagle. This piece is a compilation of his research and artistic discovery of the eagle. Concept for this piece was first inspired by a pencil drawing. Then he used this image to carve a relief in wood. Next he carved an eagle claw and wing. This was research and development towards carving a full size sculpture of an eagle landing on a tree.





7-066 Marc Hiscox – Twin Falls, ID 
Category – Woodwork
Table series: coffee table 3’x3’x18″ cherry wood base, wenge accents and a granite top, bowed front table 54″x30″x18“ cherry wood base with a granite top.
Sponsor: Dennis Bowyer – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

Marc got a B.S. in education and taught for eight years, then became self-employed doing custom woodworking. In 2014, he returned to teaching woodworking and mechanical drawing in near by high school. He hopes to soon build a small woodshop on his property and get back to building custom furniture.







7-077 Aaron Maynard – Boise, ID
Category – Woodwork
Portal  8’x8x’8 reclaimed wood altar
Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Mary Alice Park –
436 Main Ave. N

One of my life missions is to make Earth a bit sweeter by taking one man’s rubbish and transforming it into a beautiful treasure for the enjoyment of others.  This Portal is built from the discarded shelving system removed from a 1970’s Harrison Blvd home in Boise, ID.  I saw its potential while loading it into a dump trailer.  Using a jigsaw and a lifetime of experience, the shapes emerged as I followed the natural flow of the wood. The flat two dimensional boards were assembled into a forest like structure and then routed, thereby restoring the tree’s three dimensional curves. The wood’s grain was then enhanced with a torch.  Trees bring us life.  With gratitude, I bring life back to the trees.

At the end of the day, my true purpose emerges. I am a Craftsman.  I have practiced my craft since I was boy and to this day, I still enjoy the talents I am blessed with. Materials are finite and I believe we should get the most out of them.






7-080 James Deitrick  – Kimberly, ID 
Category – Woodwork                                                                                           Tony 24″x24″x30″ marquetry inlaid end table                                     Sponsor: Floyd Lilly Co. – Twin Falls, ID                                                                   Venue: Joslin Field – Magic Valley Regional Airport – 492 Airport Loop

A friend of mine picked up this end table at a yard sale for $2 and gave it to me.  It was missing the glass top and the finish was in tough shape.  It had obviously spent some time outside.  I wanted to put a picture in place of the glass, and the ball and claw feet just spoke “great cat” to me. The tiger was my first choice. To me  these magnificent animals are just plain cool.  I used a wide array of different woods to try to capture the colors and textures as best I could.

It was a definitely a fun project.








7-110 David Alger -Jerome, ID
Category – Woodwork
Broken Heart 3’x4”x2′ walnut with illuminated stones
Sponsor: Rich Thompson Trucking – Jerome, ID                                        Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.  

I wanted to bring the beauty of nature into my home to give me the feeling of peacefulness that I receive when I’m alone in the wilderness.

As I was sanding this beautiful piece of raw wood from a dead walnut tree from Old Town Twin Falls, I was searching in my mind for an idea how to bring this small part of nature back to life as a functional piece of work.

Then I found myself watching an angel who has inspired me in so many ways from the first time I laid eyes upon her.  As she was mesmerized with her collection of stones, she lifted her head and looked at me with her glowing face of happiness and said, “May I help you?”  At that very moment I had a spiritual awakening of the journey I was about to begin and what the road ahead might look like.  Here I am today, watching it bring me back to life.