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7-003 Robyn Vanden Bosch – Twin Falls, ID
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Autumn 8″x10″ polymer clay on canvas

Sponsor: R. Michael Burr, CPA – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Twin Beans – 144 Main Ave. S.

At the end of the week, after putting in more than 60 hours running a day care, working with polymer clay is a relaxing way for me to unwind. I have made several art pieces with polymer clay, including ones on canvas and actual objects such as polymer clay pens. I have sold my polymer clay pens at art and craft shows, but this is my first art show with polymer clay.







7-100 James Haycock – TwinFalls, ID 
Category – Mixed Media                                                                                           Scenic Models and Renderings  theatre scene design

SponsorMichele Cutler – Twin Falls, ID                                                       

Venue: Terry’s Heating & Air Conditioning – 1535 Kimberly Rd.

Models and renderings are the first major creative steps in the process of producing scenery for the theatrical stage. The small creations incite joy and wonder while providing directors, actors, and potential audience members a visual representation of the environment where the dramatic action will occur. Through scale modeling and detailed renderings, many of the challenges of a production are solved far in advance of the turn of a screw.  For me, the models and images represent the final steps of commitment, opening the flow of the “magical” and “unforeseen” events that make the production process a thrilling experience.






7-145 Brian Easton – Champaign, IL
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Scary Apothecary, Headlines of Horror

Sponsor: Tom Ashenbrener, Rudy’s – A Cook’s Paradise – Twin Falls, ID                                                 Venue: Sav Mor Drug – 139 Main Ave. W.

The son of a Southern Illinois pastor, Brian P. Easton grew up a fan of classic horror films during the 70’s. His favorite was The Wolfman.

When I was a baby, my mother used to rock me while watching Dark Shadows. I cut my teeth on a steady diet of Creature Feature and Night Gallery, the old school Universal Monsters and spaghetti westerns. I started writing when I was ten, after I was given a hand-me-down Royal typewriter.”

Brian currently lives in  central Illinois with his wife and son.  He is an author but also a composition artist. His inspirations have always come from the horror genre, and since he loves old bottles he had the idea of putting the two together. He’s always been fond of ephemera too, thus the newspapers.  He uses Photoshop to create the designs, and all are original compositions.

Published works include: Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter, Heart of Scars and the Lineage. Collectively known as the Autobiography of a Werewolf Hunter trilogy. www.werewolfhunter.com





7-045 3 Star Production (Kevin Bradshaw) and Neffinski Arts (Katie Neff & Steve Kaminski) – Twin Falls, ID                             Category – Uncategorized
Sponsor: Danny Morona – Twin Falls, ID                                                       Venue: Quale’s Electronics – 1730 Kimberly Rd.

This team brings you a heartfelt documentary combining comedy and Alzheimer’s disease in the Magic Valley. Dementia affects 47.5 million people worldwide, and there are 7.7 million new cases every year. All three members in the project have been directly affected by the disease and feel they have something to add to the conversation.





7-067 Andy Juarez – Twin Falls, ID
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Aztec Longhorn carved skull

Sponsor: Mi Pueblo – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Pioneer Federal Credit Union – 1439 N. College Rd. E.

I’ve been an artist for 15+ years, self taught. I entered Art & Soul last year with one of my drawings but my art was headed in a different direction.

I came across these beautiful carved skulls on social media and became infatuated with them for more than a year. I was determined to push my limits, step out of my comfort zone, to create beautiful work on a different kind of canvas.








7-075 Tad Fisher Wendell, ID
Category – Uncategorized
Indian Larry 20″x26″ framed acrylic airbrush on metal

SponsorMary Ann Gilmore –  Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Snake Harley-Davidson – 2404 Addison Ave. E.

I work as a maintenance technician for the Department of Defense with the Army. However, I have always had an interest in art. After returning home from a couple tours of duty, I began painting as a way to process my experiences. I took a workshop and learned to airbrush and I enjoy creating portraits. I also enjoy pin striping and my work can be seen on the historic I.B. Perrine stagecoach, inside the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center.








7-078 Chris Callor – Boise, ID
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The Electric Lasso 16’x6’x8′ kinetic wave form illumination

Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: 632 – 632
Main Ave. N.

I was introduced to the concept of spinning string in July of 2013. Months later, I began my own experiments using two small 12 volt motors, 2 cymbal stands, a piece of common string and a hand held flashlight. That night, the “science experiment” revealed its inner “artistic nature”. I set out to create something bigger and grander. What emerged is so much more than I ever dreamed of.

Michelangelo didn’t carve the statue of David, he just chipped away the stone that didn’t look like David.

I always thought I understood  that saying, but now, I really get  it. For me, I had to remove problems until The Electric Lasso was revealed. When one ties a string to a motor, it is called a weed whacker. That was a problem. With each problem that was removed, something new  and exciting took its place.  Countless problems later, the beauty emerged.

7-111 Pamela De Tuncq Hailey, ID
Category – Uncategorized
Once Upon A Time five 52″x34″x43″ deer comprised of vintage needlepoint tapestries, foam, glass, leather, antlers

Sponsor: Stephanie Wright – Jerome, ID
VenueRob Green Buick GMC – 1427 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

As a visual artist, I express my worldview through the creation of objects, bringing my personal observations into three dimensions. Driven by creative content and drawing from many sculptural materials and disciplines, I strive to produce visually compelling and thought-provoking works of art.

The sculpture, Once Upon a Time, is from an irreverent body of work employing the ancient art of taxidermy to suggest the ephemeral nature of life and issues of vanity.






7-114 Rusty Braaton – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Uncategorized                                                                                 Three Nuns  10″x23″

Sponsor: Warm Art Tattoo – Twin Falls, ID                                                  Venue: Warm Art Tattoo – 119 2nd Ave. W.

Entered posthumously








7-117 Monica Yamamoto-Hoffman – Priest River, ID
Category – Uncategorized

Eagle  hand carved and painted gourd

Sponsor: Al & Fran Frost – Twin Falls, ID                                                        Venue: Rob Green Hyundai Nissan – 1080 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

The eagles I have the pleasure to live close to and observe in my daily life are a great inspiration makes me appreciate them as the symbol of our country representing the strength and freedom we value so much as Americans.  With my love of nature and the outdoors, I wanted to carve a gourd that embodied these elements.