2017 Sculpture: Under 3ft Category

7-055 Renee Thompson – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Sculpture: Under 3 ft
Bonsai Bird 12″x22″x16″ single bird sitting in a ceramic tree w/foliage
Sponsor: Phil & Linda Brugger – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

A great deal of my time is spent making both decorative and utilitarian items out of terracotta clay. During this time, my husband is tilling the soil, folding seed into the earth, and setting up a watering system using terracotta ollas I make in the shop next to his garden space.

I wanted to blend the decorative qualities of the clay into a useful plant holder, connecting the spaces. This bonsai-type tree was sculpted from terracotta with small palm-sized pouches at the end of each limb and a weathered bird has found a perch front and center. Underglaze and a clear glaze on the tree were applied and wiped down to allow the color and texture of the terracotta to peek through. The bird and ground are finished in velvet underglazes and a matte glaze to maintain a natural look. The five small pouches on the tree will hold succulents that do fine with shallow soil and limited water. The tree would also work as a whimsical sprout starter.








7-106 Fred Stewart – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Sculpture: 3 ft and Under
Sculptured water feature 2’x3′                                                                   Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID                                                 Venue632 – 632 Main Ave. N.








7-129 Luther Sipe – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Sculpture: Under 3 ft
Bristle Cone Pine 11″x14″x14″
Sponsor: Mitch & Linda Watkins – Twin Falls, ID                                     Venue Middlekauff Ford Lincoln –  1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I have been a resident of southern Idaho since 1969. After sixty years in the commercial refrigeration trade, ten years ago I began making wire trees, each of my own design and completely unique. I design each tree to reflect a particular area or a person’s desires. This sculpture represents a high mountain area of southern Idaho. The base is metamorphic rock (slate).








7-130 Paul Stout – Salt Lake City, UT
Category – Sculpture: Under 3 ft
Second Nature series of five, each 7″x18″

Sponsor: University of Utah – Salt Lake City, UT

Venue: Terry’s Heating & Air Conditioning – 1535 Kimberly Rd.

The formation of our cultural perception in the west in the last several centuries has been the product of a growing adoration of and reliance on science and technology. From the mechanical clock, to the steam engine, to the silicon chip, our culture has employed its dominant technologies as the fundamental if not transcendental laws of nature, laws that are in a word, mechanistic. This perception has limitations, which become apparent we attempt to reproduce portions of nature, particularly in cultural production of the hyper-real.

The focus of my work in the last several years has been and remains concerned with this lineage, the interaction of technology, nature and culture, and how we, as a society, use tangible technological explanations to describe the natural world. My work is informed and inspired by extensive personal research in the history of technology, the history of natural history, and the cultural studies tying these subjects together. In addition I read extensively on current technological innovation and many aspects of popular culture.








7-074 Dave LaMure, Jr. Kimberly, ID
Category – Sculpture: Under 3 ft                                                             Sponsor: Al & Fran Frost Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Design 125 – 125 Main Ave. W.

Throughout history the vessel has the symbol and function of abundance, something carried, stored or held. With my bronze vessels I’ve created that feeling of some unearth ancient relic with the metal looking  malleable. This reliquary carries the power and presents of connections to life, being altered by experience. The intangible space inside each of our vessels is the drum beat we listen to, that tie us to our connections with others, stories, emotions, imagination, inspirations and life, hanging in the center of our being. I’ve created these pieces in the timeless bronze vessel, to be a source of providence held and gathered, an ongoing prayer …we are the dreamers. Our vessels hold the Dream!








7-121 Sue Jacobsen – Sun Valley, ID
Category – Sculpture: Under 3 ft
Hemingway bronze bust                                                                                           SponsorMike & Jan McBride – Twin Falls, ID
Twin Falls Public Library – 201 4th Ave. E.

The challenge of following an idea or inspiration through the many processes necessary to produce a finished bronze is rewarding, and is a continual learning process. I frequently exhibit in juried shows nationwide, including the prestigious National Sculpture Society.

Early in my career I learned to respect not only my creative integrity, but my clients’ needs as well, thereby eliminating conflicts when doing commissioned work, be it a custom painting or a sculpted portrait.







7-133 David Farnsworth – Palm Springs, CA
Category – Sculpture: Under 3 ft
Modern Bull 18″x16 “x6” ceramic earthenware                                         Sponsor: Air Quality Services, Inc. – Twin Falls, ID                                           Venue: Rob Green Hyundai Nissan – 1080 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I have no formal training as a visual artist but found it a sanctuary after pursuit of a career as an actor in the 1980’s. I paint and sculpt from memory and imagination, large and small  pieces on paper and in clay. My subjects are always changing and only in retrospect do I fully get the story of what was, or is happening in the work I produce. It is a map of revelations to me on a personal level. With distance, I often see the larger story and love the narrative others can attach to the work. Somehow it belongs to me and yet it is its own. I think there is power in the making of a hundred  works of art when  one informs me about life and spirit. That is treasure to be shared.

The Modern Bull , part of a series, is inspired by the early twentieth century art movements in Europe and America, and is also a collaboration of painting on clay as well as working in a three dimensional format. I  intend the work to be contemporary and nostalgic all at once…