2018 Sculpture: Over 3 ft Category

8-067 Jacob Novinger Gooding, ID

Category – Sculpture, Over 3 ft

Modern Man 4.5’ x 32”

Sponsor: TitleFact, Inc. –

Twin Falls, ID

Venue: TitleFact, Inc.,

 163 4th Ave. N.

Modern Man is every man, possessing the hidden potential within. Made out of steel and finished with an oil base paint. Glow in the dark paint finish on color accents, so the piece can be viewed day or night. www.jacobnovinger.com

8-079 Levi Bennett  Twin Falls, ID

Category – Sculpture, Over 3 ft

Bison 7’ x 5’ x 3’ metal

Sponsor: Bison Pipe & Supply Co. – Jerome, ID

Venue: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

639 Eastland Dr. S. 

I have made a full size bison out of recycled materials.

8-092 Jack Netz Buhl, ID

Category – Sculpture, Over 3 ft

Nature’s Balancing Act (Predator vs Prey)

Sponsor: Ark Fisheries, Inc. – Hagerman, ID

Venue: Serenity Funeral Chapel & Life Celebration Ctr, 502 2nd Ave. N.

From the beginning of time, it has been Predator versus Prey. In our region of the United States, these two are in a constant battle for survival of the fittest. As part of nature’s beautiful balancing act, and with a little help from Fish and Game, these two should continue nature’s battle until the end of time.

8-095 Troy Rider Blackfoot, ID

Category – Sculpture, Over 3 ft

Mirror Image 55” x 17” x 3”

Sponsor: R. Michael Burr, CPA – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Snake River Auto Body, 404 4th Ave. W.

Troy Rider (1969, Blackfoot, United States) is primarily a metal sculpture artist. He makes conceptual artworks by exploring landscape in a nostalgic way. By focusing on techniques acquired as a Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker and Welder, his works are notable for their finish and flame colored patinas.

His works establish a link between the landscapes’ reality and that imagined by the conceived.

8-103 Greg Bartlett Twin Falls, ID

Category – Sculpture, Over 3 ft

Everlasting Extraordinary Cyclonic Snow Scrambler  Dimensions: 17’ long x 5’ wide x 14’ tall

Sponsor: Al & Fran Frost – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Pioneer Federal Credit Union, 1439 N. College Rd.

“Sometimes you just have to create and not ask why.”

8-117 Sharon Higby Twin Falls, ID

Category – Sculpture, Over 3 ft

A Really Big Bee 5’ x 4’

Sponsor: John & Monica D’Angelo – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Kimberly Nurseries, 2862 Addison Ave. E.

Metals in all of their forms fascinate me.

Bees are amazing creatures and fascinate me.

Small things rendered large fascinate me.

Having my very own gigantic bee is just plain fun, “buzzzzarre” and fascinates me.

8-139 Angelita Brown Boise, ID

Category – Sculpture, Over 3 ft

Ruth 6’ tall x 3’ wide Kinetic Wind Spinner

Sponsor: Hall’s Locksmithing – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Ann’s Eyewear Boutique, 691 Shoshone St. N. 

My metal art depicts family, farm, community, and togetherness. I use recycled 12-14 gauge metal, primarily steel, rod iron to ensure artwork lasts a lifetime. I use a mig welder, plasma torch, lathe, press, chop saw; and mill to get depth, layers and 3 dimensional designs.  Designs structured shapes and patterns that I have drawn in the negative. They are whimsical and come to life using kinetic wind.


8-144 Samuel Ochanda Kibera slums, Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa

Category – Sculpture, Over 3 ft.

African Safari  series of metal sculptures

Sponsor: Jeff JentzschArtRoamers – Rupert, ID 

Venue: KMVT, 1100 Blue Lakes Blvd.

I have been doing art for 11 years. I started as a welder, dealing with doors and windows. One day I was asked to make Jesus Christ on a cross.  It turned out perfectly, and from there I did not look back. My dream is to empower youth to achieve their goals.

8-152 Joshua & Jennifer Grimes Twin Falls, ID

Category – Sculpture, Over 3ft

Under the Sea 48” x48” x 36”

Sponsor: Gem State Welders Supply, Inc. – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Mary Alice Park, 436 Main Ave. N.

We enjoy creating hand-drawn artwork together and are blessed to have the opportunity to do what we love for a living.  After working for most of my life learning various skills, my wife Jen joined the welding program at CSI. It was at that point I learned to apply my artistic ability to metal art.  We feel blessed at the opportunity to create wonderful artwork for people all over the country.


8-167 Peter Hazel Reno, NV

Category – Sculpture, Over 3ft

Mama and Baby Stingray

Sponsor: Phil & Linda Brugger, Twin Falls, ID 

Venue: Petro’s Texaco Service Station, 303 Main Ave. E.

I made my first piece of “art” in 2011, a simple bird bath for a friend’s wedding gift. This was just the beginning of what has become a life purpose, a calling deeper than anything I have ever known.

I had been a master tile worker and contractor for 30 years but never tried at something others would consider art. After making muted tone bathrooms and kitchens, and following other people’s visions I wanted to go crazy with color, make larger than life sea creatures.

I make art because my art, and art in general, has the power to create transformation, evoke emotion and bring a person outside of themselves. I make art to conjure this magic that I feel in other people’s hearts. www.peterhazel.com/