2017 Sculpture: Over 3ft Category








7-056 Greg & Brock Bartlett – Twin Falls, ID                                         Category – Sculpture:  Over 3 ft                                                                    Makes Me Smile 9’x4’x4’ metal                                                                             Sponsor:  Ron & Barb Hardy – Twin Falls, ID                                                Venue: KMVT – 1100 Blue Lakes Blvd. N. 

We created this piece to bring a smile to whomever sees it.






7-103 Levi Bennett  – Buhl, ID
Category – Sculpture:  Over 3 ft
Bench reclaimed metal sculpture                                                                   Sponsor: West End Senior Center, Buhl, ID                                                    Venue: Habitat for Humanity ReStore – 639 Eastland Dr. S.







7-019 Peter Hazel – Reno, NV
Category – Sculpture:  Over 3 ft
The Hatch 7’x4’x4′ double ceramic fish mosaic on stone pillar
Sponsor: Hazel Tile & Granite – Reno, NV
Venue: Pioneer Federal Credit Union – 1439 N. College Rd. E. 

I made my first piece of “art” in 2011, a simple bird bath, or bird fountain for a friend’s wedding gift. I had been a master tile worker/contractor for thirty years leading up to this moment, but never quite tried my hand at something others would consider art. From there, I was hooked. I started dreaming of things to create in my spare time; but I wanted to work big, in a way that no one would mistake what they were seeing. This was just the beginning of what has become a life purpose, a calling deeper than anything I have ever known before.

In my heart I’m “just a carpenter, an old school contractor from Half Moon Bay.” I’ve never been to art school, I like to drink boxed wine and listen to old blues music. But this shines in my art. Thirty years of muted tone bathrooms/kitchens, the redundancy of following other people’s visions, the desire to break away from the traditional came out of me in a big wham! My art is naïve, yes, but it’s guaranteed to light up the hearts of the people interacting and viewing it, and that is what is most important to me.








7-027 Jack Netz – Buhl, ID
Category – Sculpture:  Over 3 ft
Mortal Combat 

Sponsor: ARK Fisheries – Buhl, ID
Venue: Serenity Funeral Chapel & Celebration Center
502 2nd Ave. N.

I watch many wildlife documentaries and read magazines. I see many wolves chasing elk or deer and that is where this year’s inspiration comes from. I remember one time, some people bought a mural piece I had done of Indians running down a buffalo, and asked if I had seen “Dances with Wolves”.  They were right.






7-047 Walker Ostler – Jerome, ID
Category – Sculpture:  Over 3ft
Sponsor: Zane Ostler – Jerome, ID
Venue: Stay Well Health Foods – 1563 Fillmore Ave. #2A

My interests outside of art are divers and varied. This allows me to draw upon many different ideas and combine them in unique ways to produce a piece of art. I delight in showing people things they’ve never seen before; or things they may be familiar with, but in a different light.








7-058 Sharon Gore Higby – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Sculpture: 3 ft and Over
The Light of Man 75″ x 36″ chicken wire sculpture
Sponsor: Franklin Building Supply – Twin Falls, ID                VenueFranklin Building Supply – 1390 Highland Ave. E.

I felt compelled to illustrate the plight of man, with the weight of the world on his shoulders. It is our relationship with our Creator, who truly bears our burdens, that makes them heavy or light. He can lead us or, should I say, carry us through our tribulations with love,  grace, humility, and even joy.

He is the inner light of man.





7-079 D’Arcy Bellamy – Boise, ID
Category – Sculpture: 3 ft and Over
Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Mary Alice Park –
436 Main Ave. N.








7-082 Travis Emmen  – New Plymouth, ID
Category – Sculpture: 3 ft and Over
My Favorite Thing 54″x9’x5′ wire sculpture boxer dog Sponsor: Dennis Bowyer – Twin Falls, ID                                                       VenueTitleFact – 163 4th Ave. N.

I was raised to be creative from birth, and have practiced many different styles of art: drawing, poetry, painting, glass, and crafts, but blacksmithing and metal art have turned into a passion of mine. I worked in a technical welding field for 20 years, so this skill, mixed with blacksmithing, has given me an ability to make very high quality work. I feel very blessed to be given a skill that can bring others years of enjoyment.

My Favorite Thing is a wire sculpture of a Boxer dog chasing a ball.

It is constructed from nearly a mile of 12 gauge wire that I spun to mimic barbwire. This has been a fun project to create because it brought out the playful personality of a dog. I have named the sculpture My Favorite Thing because every time I see a dog playing with a ball, I hear them in my head saying in a goobery voice, “my favorite thing,” and it makes me laugh. So I wanted to create that feeling in this sculpture.





7-098 Robert Bennett  – Buhl, ID
Category – Sculpture: 3 ft and Over
Rooster reclaimed metal sculpture                                                           Sponsor: Smokey River Repairs, LLC – Buhl, ID

Venue: Ann’s Eyewear Boutique – 691 Shoshone St. N.


7-113 Bryce Pettit – Durango, CO                                                         Category – Sculpture: 3 ft and Over                                                      Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID                                  Venue: Mary Alice Park – 436 Main Ave. N.

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