2018 Photography Category

8-001 Vickie Dillard Hazelton, ID

Category – Photography

End of the Day 30” x 45

Sponsor: L&T Construction – Eden, ID

Venue: Great Harvest Bread Co., 727 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

As an artist, I work hard to develop a photo that speaks to me and to others. Beauty can be found everywhere we look and where we go. Photography lets me be creative and that there are no boundaries in beauty is.

Photography brings people together to tell a story. We are the stories we tell. I hope you enjoy mine.

8-006 Linda Lantzy  Coeur d’Alene, ID

Category – Photography

Canoe and McGown   40”x 30”

Sponsor: Idaho Central Credit Union – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Idaho Central Credit Union, 2193 Addison Ave. E.

Linda is a fine-art landscape photographer who is inspired by the spectacular beauty and majestic landscapes of Idaho. A North Idaho native, Linda explores the roads less traveled, often in solitude, to capture the wild beauty and diversity of the state. Her image reflect the region’s most breathtaking scenes, as they are captured with striking and dramatic composition. Linda’s passion for this beautiful place has defined her and drives her in the  photographic arts. www.idahoscenics.com

8-011 Charlene Aycock Mountain Home, ID

Category – Photography

Yesterdays’ Dream 36” x 24” matte metal print, custom framed

Sponsor: Eleanor Myers – Mountain Home, ID

Venue: Sleep Solutions, 578 Blue Lakes Blvd N.

When I started my journey into photography I lived in the mountains, I concentrated on landscapes and the history of Idaho. I found the old buildings had character, and I couldn’t help wondering the story they could tell. I could hear laughter, smell bread baking, the storm had just passed, night was on the horizon, and I saw this was Yesterday’s Dream. 


8-015 Don Harris Elko, NV

Category – Photography

Wild Footprints 20” x 24”

Sponsor: Footprints to Health and Happiness, LLC – Elko, NV

Venue: D.L. Evans Bank, 222 Main Ave. E.

A late winter day and a snowstorm had just cleared out of the mountains. The emerging sun’s rays reflect blue off the snow. From the trees, a herd of mule deer emerges to bask in the afternoon warmth. As the last bit of snow falls from the buck’s back, small water droplets linger on his head.

8-018 Jerry Dodds Twin Falls, ID

Category – Photography

Shoshone Falls Sunrise 24” X 36”

Sponsor: Susan & Deck Waters – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Terry’s Heating & AC, 1535 Kimberly Rd.

My father told me that as a child he would lay in bed and hear the falls through his bedroom window.  One of my prized possessions is a photo of four generations of our family at the Falls lookout in 1948.

As a Magic Valley native the Falls has always been part of me.  Setting up my camera and waiting for the sun to rise, reminds me of times my father and I would sit in a blind waiting for duck to fly overhead.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words and maybe this is my way of putting some of my treasured reflections into a picture.

8-027 Gary Dempsay  Jerome, ID

Category – Photography

UP Living Legend 844 16” x 20”

Sponsor: Arlene’s Bookkeeping – Paul, ID

Venue: Twin Falls Sewing Center, 157 Main Ave. W.

Picture yourself riding the rails on a steam engine, 100 years ago.  The train stopping in Minidoka to take on water.  During this break, you step off the train to see this wonderful image.

Photography, my hobby and passion, has provided an insight into who I am.  My interests range from close-ups to landscapes, from nature to man-made objects Each photograph I take I learn more about myself and the world around us.  Look  closely, our world is amazing. www.gdempsayphoto.com/

8-029 Melissa Joelson Filer, ID

Category – Photography

Berber Eyes 12” x 16”

Sponsor: Mary Ann Gilmore – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Terry’s Heating & AC, 1535 Kimberly Rd.

Morocco! The name conjures visions of labyrinthine market places, tiled mosques, palms and camels. I saw and photographed all of those, but my favorite pictures were of the warm, colorful people. This woman was taking a break from preparing food for a banquet. My focus had been the lush pomegranate bush, but I was delighted when she stepped into the scene and allowed me to bring her image home.

8-010 Carolyn Fletcher Boise, ID

Category – Photography

Sponsor: Carolyn & Chuck Coiner– Twin Falls, ID

Venue:  Rudy’s A Cook’s Paradise, 147 Main Ave. W.

I have many venues that I enjoy photographing, but the opportunity to be on a landscape with sheep, dogs and herders is probably my favorite experience.  I have a special friend whose family livestock business has been part of Idaho’s history and legacy for a long time.   Watching the finely tuned operation of moving animals in sync with shepherding dogs and sheep herders is like viewing a bygone era. My photograph features a guard dog’s due diligence as I approach his flock. As he watches my every move, his stance and big bark convey warning. I decide I’ll zoom the photo in post processing!

8-034 Sharon Breshears

Gooding, ID

Category – Photography

To Everything there is a Season  40″ x 60“ metal print

Sponsor: The Orpheum Theatre – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: The Orpheum Theatre, 146 Main Ave. N.

When I came upon this vintage truck autumn scene it reminded me that *everything* in life has its own season of glory and beauty—in nature as in our human experience. “There is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”  It is a reminder to live life to the fullest, to accept and be grateful in every changing season of our life—embrace life as a gift and allow it’s beauty to take our breath away!


8-050 Marjorie McBride Twin Falls, ID

Category – Photography

Coral Ice 24″ x 36″ x 1” clear acrylic panel

Sponsor: Mike & Jan McBride – Twin Falls, ID

Venue:  Rudy’s A Cook’s Paradise, 147 Main Ave. W.

Returning to places I find invigorating is part of my work and my nature. I am drawn to water, its’ sound, and perhaps because it’s always changing.  Once in a while a place can be so vastly and naturally transformed it’s nearly magical. These are the indescribable and rare moments that motivate me to explore, capture, and return. www.marjoriemcbride.com

8-055 Kathi Jensen Howe, ID

Category – Photography

Antelope Slots series of three 42” x 28”, and two 24” x 36”

Sponsor: Chris & Anna Scholes, Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Premier AutoGroup, 636 Pole Line Rd.

Since a young age, I’ve loved nature and the beauties of the earth. My passion for wildlife and the landscapes that grace our existence hasn’t diminished and my desire is still to allow the viewer of my work to be there with me, to take them there, to feel the thrill of seeing an animal living it’s life in the wild, soaring to great heights in the heavens, to feel and see the beauty of the landscape, the vast and glorious expanse of the areas that make up our earth and that we share with the phenomenal animals that coexist with us.


8-046 Bob Sojka Twin Falls, ID

Category – Photography

Island in the Stream 36” x 24”

Sponsor: Carolyn White, Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Yellow Brick Café, 136 Main Ave. N. 

Art imitates life. Life imitates art. Sometimes we must seek our muse to find our art. Sometimes our muse finds us. Most often Art and Life are a cosmic mixture of all the above. On a 2016 trip to Cuba, while at a seaside restaurant, drinking Cuba Libres, this fascinating apparition floated within yards past the veranda railing alongside our table. I had about seven seconds to capture it forever. www.bobsojka.com

8-038 Heather Melton

Twin Falls, ID

Category – Photography

All Her Strength 24”  x  36”


Stanton Healthcare Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID 


Tripp Family Medicine, 1411 Fillmore St.

I’m a local photographer. The morning I took this photo I found out that I was pregnant. Weeks later, I miscarried. When this competition arrived, I immediately knew which photo to submit. I feel this precious moment elicits so many different feelings and memories from each viewer. For me, I simultaneously feel an inexplicable connection to and a longing for my lost child, and feel the baby won’t be forgotten. www.blueskylanephoto.com

8-090 Terry Halbert Twin Falls, ID

Category – Photography

Salmon River Flow 24” x 36”

Sponsor: Sid & Paige Vanderpool – Music Magic Events – Twin Falls
Venue: Middlekauff Auto Group, 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

My Mission, through the photography of extraordinary American Landscapes, is to move people emotionally to take action. To be an Eyewitness to Change

8-091 Jan Mittleider Twin Falls, ID

Category – Photography

Ancient Abstracts in Stone  6-Piece photo collection  6’ x 4

Sponsor: Ron & Barb Hardy – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Wabi Sabi Gallery, 632 Main Ave. N.

Captivating are the ancient stones echoing remnants of past civilizations in Jordan’s Petra.

The Nabataeans carved out architecture in sandstone as elaborate tombs, 2000 years ago

The kaleidoscopic parade of colors in these photographic pockets reflect the sandstone ceiling of the Tomb of the Urn which was first a burial site for a king, then it was transformed to a Christian Church in 447 AD and later a courthouse.  Erosion has made the colors in the stone nothing  short of spectacular.

8-097 Bethany Cook Twin Falls, ID

Category – Photography

Canyon Beauty 3’ x 26”

Sponsor: Phyllis Ann Melnyk – Kimberly, ID

Venue: Sips N Sweet Treats, 1020 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I first fell in love with photography 10 years ago.  I bought my first nice camera and jumped in with both feet.  Since then I have learned so much and have loved all the wonderful people I have met along the way.  I love that photography lets me express my personality through photos.  I saw this gorgeous sunset while visiting the canyon one evening and knew I just had to capture it and have it in my home.  I have sense then received many wonderful comments on it.  Thanks for letting me be apart of this wonderful art and soul.


8-106 Nicole Burnett Twin Falls, ID

Category – Photography

Fantasy  series of three

Sponsor: Ted Burnett – Norfork, NY

Venue: Terry’s Heating & AC, 1535 Kimberly Rd.

In my work I seek to find that underlining imagination that has been buried deep inside, to capture the personality that is suppressed. Amplifying the intention of amplifying the surface of what would normally be seen.

What is conveyed is rarely truly exhibited on the outside. My image is what the individual feels about themselves or a moment hidden but rarely shown on the outside.

8-112 Diana Nielson Buhl, ID

Category – Photography

Time Flys 24” x 32”

Sponsor: Chris & Anna Scholes, Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, 725 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I enjoy sharing the beauty of my road trips.  My husband Bobby and I love to roam and explore the roads less traveled. The opportunistic visual treasures abound and for me to take photos of the experience adds to my fond memories. This old truck along the Little Salmon River near Pollock, ID represents for me the hard work it has endured as it rests along the old highway. This truck is loved by its owners and the community.

8-115 Jacque Osborn Buhl, ID

Category – Photography

Sponsor: Chris Tarter – Edward Jones – Buhl, ID

Venue: Pioneer Federal Credit Union, 1439 North College Rd. E.

Jacque Osborn, an Idaho native,  is a self-taught artist who takes you along her exploration of nature through her adventures. “My goal as a photographer is to capture the beauty this amazing world as to offer and share it with others. I want you to feel as if you were right there beside me”. She has been published in several magazines as well as featured in some local galleries. www.jacqueosborn.com

8-121 Skye Fassett Kimberly, ID

Category – Photography

Snippy 24” x 24” on metal

Sponsor: Veronica Xander – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Twin Falls Sewing Center, 157 Main Ave W.

My artwork takes a nostalgic and Americana view of family, farms, flora and fauna. My favorite subjects to engage and photograph are the cornerstone of southern Idaho values and beyond; from newborn babies, pollinating bees, sweeping fields and majestic towering, snow-capped mountains. If there is a story to be told I want to capture it from behind my lens. www.skyefassettphotography.com

8-138 Ron Lewis Twin Falls, ID

Category – Photography

The Bravos 11” x 14”

Sponsor: Twin Falls Lions Club

Venue: Freedom Auto Finders, 365 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I worked in the TV and motion picture business for 20 years as an actor and stuntman.

This is a photo I took on the first day of shooting on a Universal film, “The Bravos” starring George Peppard. We were shooting in the red rock canyons of Sedona, Arizona in January of 1971…. at a temperature of 30 degrees below zero! I was standing next to the big Panavision camera and was struck by the brilliant blue of the sky and the red rocks, along with patches of snow on the ground. It made for a prefect setting, seeing a column of cavalry winding its way through the valley. I quickly whipped out my camera and took a snapshot of the scene. This is the result.