2017 Photography Category








7-048 Sandy Wapinski – Twin Falls, ID 
Category – Photography
Awaken 24″x36″ print on metal                                                                  Sponsor: Rex & Cheryl Leforgee – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Herrett Center for Arts and Science – 315 Falls Ave off N. College Rd.

Awaken.  I am.  Love.

This lion spoke volumes to me.  Inspired me.

Thank you for sharing your art Jacob Novinger.






7-072 Kathi Jensen – Howe, ID
Category – Photography
Eagle Nation series of six photographs – area needed 80″ x 130″
Sponsor:  Bette Smith – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

I fell in love with nature at a young age.  I would ride my horse up into the mountains, encountering deer and bobcats along the way.  I longed to share the experience I felt with others. I began to photograph the things in nature that I would see.  My passion for wildlife and the landscapes that grace our existence hasn’t diminished and my desire is still to allow the viewer of my work to experience the exhilaration and thrill of seeing an animal living its life in the wild, to feel and see the beauty of the landscape, and enjoy glorious expanse of the areas that make up our earth that we share with the phenomenal animals.

I have had my work juried into a National Exhibit in Washington, DC as well as receiving several awards.








7-150 Valarie Everton – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Photography

Chagall, Soulage, Benzaken… 36″x28.5″

Sponsor: Jan Brumbach – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Everton Mattress & Furniture Gallery – 374 Pole Line Rd.

I took this picture in Paris two years ago.






7-005 Sharon Breshears – Gooding, ID
Category- Photography
Through the Mist 40”x60” metal print
Sponsor: Larry & Stephanie Johnson – Twin Falls, ID                      Venue: Orpheum Theatre – 146 Main Ave. N.

This photo was taken late fall of 2016 on the Stanley Lake Inlet Road. While I was out exploring one early misty morning I came upon this scene of Mt. McGowan reflecting it’s wintry beauty on the flooded road ahead of me. It literally took my breath away!






7-010 Vickie Dillard – Buhl, ID
Category – Photography
Old Timer 20″ x 30″ metal print
Sponsor: Magic Valley Baptist Church – Buhl, ID                                     Venue: Blue Lakes Inn – 952 Blue Lakes Blvd. N. 

Why photography? Easy, it gives us the ability to stop time in its tracks. As I gaze at a photograph, I am the passenger in a time machine.  As I take a photograph, I am the pilot of the time machine. The best of both worlds you might say. The depth of the story behind any photograph starts with the passion on the other side of the lens.

Is it a tractor, antique, or as my grandfather called it, a family member? The year is 1930, mid-September. I can still smell the diesel as my grandfather and I chug along in an old potato field in Idaho. Those days are far  gone, but through my art, never forgotten.







7-011 Jan Mittleider – Twin Falls, ID                                                   Category – Photography
Walking in the Rain 22″x18″ framed photo on metal
Sponsor: Leon Smith – Twin Falls, ID                                                                Venue: Commercial Tire – 679 Poleline Rd.

Making the Best of a Cramped Situation… I was crammed into an international huddle, shoulder to shoulder, under a colonnade to escape the pouring rain in Venice, Italy.

A few feet away a plucky woman with a red umbrella did not let a little rain hamper her determination to carry on in spite of the storm. There was only one splendid moment to capture the woman with the red umbrella, surrounded by the glimmer of wet pavement and dark skies, in an iconic place, which is usually crawling with people.




7-018 Jerry Kencke – Mountain Home, ID
Category – Photography
Cathedral Gorge Panorama 33″x84″ film photograph with handcrafted frame by Kencke                                                                     Sponsor: Crossings Winery – Glenns Ferry, ID   

Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

Jerry has been photographing Idaho and the Northwest for over 40 years. A master electrician, he is self-taught in photography. He has earned critical acclaim in juried competitions in the Northwest. He was named a Western Masters Artist. He is the only photographer ever accepted in the organization’s  40 year history & partnership with the C.M. Russell Museum. His passion is capturing the heart and soul of western life, from sheep & cattle ranching to scenics and nature’s resilience after wildfires. His work hangs in many collections, including Boise City Arts Commission’s Public Art Collection and hung in the Idaho State Governor’s office.






7-023 Carolyn Fletcher – Boise, ID                                                       Category – Photography                                                                                       LATE SUMMER ASPEN BLUR 30″x21.5″ professionally framed           Sponsor: Chuck & Carolyn Coiner – Twin Falls, ID
 Venue: Rudy’s – A Cook’s Paradise – 147 Main Ave. W.

Photography offers an avenue of exploration and expression. The blur motion technique reveals an abstracted image of a late summer aspen grove creating distinctive line, form, and vibrant color.  The camera lens captures delightful surprises when least expected.








7-031 J. Pat Branch Kimberly, ID
Category – Photography
Mom’s Grief 16”x20” Military Funeral for SP/4 Adam J. Davis  SponsorRanch & Rodeo Reachout – Kimberly, ID                                   VenueSnake Harley-Davidson – 2404 Addison Ave. E.

I took this picture at the funeral of U.S. Army Specialist 4 Adam J. Davis, who was killed in action “KIA” in Afghanistan on July 23, 2007, four days short of his twenty years of life. His mother, Tracy Carrico, is being presented the U.S. flag by a Command Sargent Major.  His father, Timothy Davis, is also given a flag by Major General of the Idaho Army National Guard. As they are presenting the flag to the next of kin the words spoken are, “On behalf of a Grateful Nation.”

Branch served our country during the Viet Nam War.








7-039 Morgan Crane – Twin Falls, ID 
Category Photography
Coffee Shop

Sponsor: PA Melnyk – Kimberly, ID 

Venue: Twin Beans – 144 Main Ave. S.

The summer before I started high school was filled with a lot of memorable experiences but these mugs in the mornings at Hume Lake were the most significant. The teens from all over the Northwest would gather in the coffee shop for a beverage. Strangers became friends over conversation about shared interests, anticipation of the day’s adventures or curiosity about unfamiliar beverage orders. We had many opportunities to bond during that week but we all found the coffee shop experience meaningful.





7-044 William Miller – Twin Falls, ID 

Category – Photography
Through My Fantasy Window 23.5”x34”, antique wood frame
Sponsor: GLC Products – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Nu Vu Glass – 421 Eastland Dr.

I have a love and fascination with the ocean. I am particularly infatuated with the ocean in the winter. The power of the waves – the fog – the mist. This photo was taken on a winter vacation on the Oregon Coast. Maybe someday this will be the view from the window of my cottage on the beach.





7-046 Skye Fassett – Kimberly, ID
Category – Photography
Sunset Over the Sawtooths 30”x13” on metal with float frame
Sponsor: Veronica Xander – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Twin Falls Sewing Center – 157 Main Ave. W.

My artwork takes a nostalgic and Americana view of family, farms, flora and fauna. My favorite subjects to engage and photograph are the cornerstone of southern Idaho values and beyond: newborn babies, pollinating bees, sweeping fields and majestic towering, snow-capped mountains. If there is a story to be told I want to capture it from behind my lens.

7-054 Jerry Dodds – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Photography
Bugling the Rut 24″x30″
Sponsor: Deck & Susan Waters – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Terry’s Heating & Air – 1535 Kimberly Rd. 

Since getting back into photography I have made at least one trip to Yellowstone annually. Usually the trips are made in late September or early October. For me those are the magic months.  As nature gets ready for the winter slumber, the deer, elk and bison begin their annual courtship and mating.  The elk mating ritual is spectacular. And the bull elk in rut is an awesome animal. He is the lord of the empire.  In all his majesty he will defend is harem from all foes. His endurance during this time is legendary. He will go days and even week with little rest or sleep.

Often in photography you set out with one objective and end up perusing one that is totally different.  I was headed to photograph the sunrise over the Madison River which did not develop into much. I spotted this Bull and herd on the other side of the river at the base of a mountain.  I love observing his behavior as he traversed his world, clearing the river, brush and trees in an effort to add more ladies to his harem.






7-060 Terry Halbert – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Photography
Idaho-Chilly Slough 40.5″x30.5”
Sponsor: Music Magic Events – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Middlekauff Ford Lincoln – 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Eye-Witness to Change…

My mission, through photography, presentations, and workshops, is to move people to take action, to stand up in the face of overwhelming challenges and accomplish together what we cannot alone.

America’s extraordinary  landscapes can engage people emotionally to take action. We are not destroying the planet, we are destroying our ability to survive on it.

Earth will endure. Be an eye-witness to change.

It is my hope to inspire some to be instigators.






7-069 Kevin Martini-Fuller – Philadelphia, PA
Category – Photography
Interpretation? Reality? / Reality? Interpretation? 18”x26” Etching and Photogravure
Sponsor: Judi Baxter – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Professional Frame – 132 Main Ave. S.

Photographer, photo educator, and principal of  “Novelda Editions.” My passion for photography began at age 12 with my first camera, a Kodak Brownie Hawkey. As my interest in photography evolved I quickly outgrew my ‘Hawkeye’ camera and eventually led me to larger negatives and an interest in historical photographic processes. The image I submitted to Art & Soul of the Magic Valley represents a new direction for my work. The photographic image, having long been thought of as depicting reality, led me to an exploration of reality and interpretation. The questions, what is real, What is interpretation? How are they different and in which ways are they the same? To explore these questions I chose to use sketches made during the same session as a beginning for the     discussion.






7-073 Gary Dempsay – Jerome, ID
Category – Photography
 Redfish Reflections 12”x18” on canvas
Sponsor: Arlene’s Bookkeeping – Paul, ID
Venue: Twin Falls Sewing Center – 157 Main Ave. W.

On an early morning (4:30 am) trip to Red Fish Lake, avoiding a few wandering wildlife, I arrived just after the sun was hitting the mountain peaks.  After driving and walking around the lake, I came across this view of the mountain peaks with a reflection in the lake.  Can you picture yourself sitting there in the quiet stillness enjoying the peaceful surroundings, like I did?  The view and the moment was worth the early morning drive, so get out, and see the world around you.








7-095 Shealyn Mallows – Filer, ID                                                        Category – Photography
Untitled 16”x20” printed on metal                                                                     Sponsor: Emery Bros – Filer, ID                                                                           Venue: Wills Toyota – 236 Shoshone St. W.

I’ve always been intrigued by the relationship between man and nature and the complex, intricate beauty both possess. This photograph was inspired by a glimpse of color, the light as fleeting and fickle as we are. I wanted to show the juxtaposition between the impermanent, vibrant, man-made color and nature’s infallible wall of white ice.

Our time and space for creativity is as long-lived as our lives allow whereas nature’s endures without ego. It simply needs to exist for us to use and appreciate it. It was not intentional that this photo looks like an interpretation of a yin yang symbol but I think that serendipity has led us to remember our relationship with nature is always a matter of balance – give and take.