2017 Painting: Watercolor Category






7-149 Nadine Adams – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Watercolor
Resting Tiger                                                                                                             Sponsor: Bob & Linda Sojka – Twin Falls, ID                                                                Venue: Everton Mattress & Furniture Gallery – 347 Pole Line Rd.

I have always loved art in many form all of my life.  Now that the kids are grown and gone there is time for me to pursue my passion in art.  I have a wonderful husband who supports me in my art endeavor.




7-147 Carly Robinson –
Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Watercolor
Up A Creek Series of two, 20″ x 23.5″ each                                               Sponsor: Keveren Foundation – Twin Falls, ID                                                          Venue: Nielson Family Chiropractic – 1330 Filer Ave. E.

I Love people! So, I enjoy picking up my Hake brush and painting watercolor stories about the beauty of nature and people enjoying the out of doors.

Currently, I’m focusing on a series called Up A Creek.

I am presenting two works of art titled The Big One’s in the Next Hole.

I hope you enjoy my art expression. It may bring back memories or spur you off the couch and out in the woods.







7-021 Gloria Hann – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Watercolor
Snake River Canyon Impressions 41″x35″ framed
Sponsor: Paul & Jeannie Shakstad – Kimberly, ID                         Venue: Redeemed Décor – 243 5th Ave. S.

About 1960, I was hooked on watercolor at my first plein aire lesson on the banks of the Snake River Canyon. This rugged gorge was dramatically carved by the violent, raging Bonneville Flood within hours, about 14,000 years ago.  It has been an endless challenge for me to portray this gigantic gorge sculpted within hours by these thundering waters. Whenever possible I try to paint every day, if only for a few minutes. The challenge is in the surprises, failures, successes, the experiences gained, sometimes ending in humility. I search for new ways or techniques to represent a subject. Water colorists are so fortunate today, for there are so many tools of the trade with which to play, and it should be play, otherwise one must be humble.

7-001 Connie Pepper – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Watercolor
White Tulips Series                                                                                               Sponsor: Michael Pepper/KMP Planning – Twin Falls, ID                       Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

White Tulips created in the dead of winter.  Need I say more?








7-099 Gerilyn Fuestel – Twin Falls, ID                                               Category – Painting: Watercolor
Big Iris                                                                                                                               Sponsor: Friends of P.E.O. – Twin Falls, ID                                                     Venue: Rob Green Buick GMC – 1427 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I began my entry into watercolor painting in 1965 while living in Japan. I had the opportunity to study with a well know Japanese Artist that in order to avoid being drafted into the war with China escaped to Paris for ten years where he studied with many of the  master painters at the time before returning to Japan. I credit my artistic background to him. I currently work in five other mediums.





7-112 Paula Brown Sinclair – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Watercolor
Dancing Aspens of Winter – 32”x19”                                                        Sponsor: Leonard & Alice Anderson – Twin Falls, ID                                    Venue: Blue Lakes Inn – 952 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

The luminous transparency of watercolor pigments seduces and the wide variety of effects compensates for lack of talent, but most appealing is the sneaky way water moves the pigments, sometimes quite unexpectedly. Seasonal landscapes are a favorite subject. Mother Nature’s grove of aspens growing so closely with crooked trunks and without lower limbs, is rendered here in pen and ink with watercolor, with Elvis hips, arms with skinned elbows, and eyes in unusual places– the Dancing Aspens of Winter.








7-118 Roy Mason – Wendell, ID
Category – Painting: Watercolor
Pole Creek 2  21″x28″                                                                                     SponsorBruce Kaufman & Rya Levy- Twin Falls, ID                              Venue: Wills Toyota – 236 Shoshone St. W. 

I like to explore the outdoors for subjects to paint. With all of its mountains, water, skies, and deserts, Idaho is a great place to find subjects for landscapes in all seasons. This painting is of Pole Creek at the upper end of Stanley Basin in the fall.

Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.                          – John Ruskin





7-119 Elizabeth LaRowe – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Watercolor

River Rapids  10″x23″

Sponsor: Barbara Beck – Twin Falls, ID  

Venue: Great Harvest Bread Co. – 727 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Watercolor painting fascinates me. In a few brief strokes I can capture the impression of a scene. The media is fresh; I love the “happy accidents” that happen on the paper. I strive to be the artist in Edgar Whitney’s quote, “I am an entertainer, a shape maker, and an expressive symbol collector.”

Capturing a moment and a mood in time has been the driving force of my artist endeavors As an artist I build on the basic elements and principles of design. I work to “enhance” nature, interpreting the scene and rearranging its elements into a pleasing composition.








7-122 Joyce Deford – Filer, ID
Category – Painting: Watercolor Nature in Balance  30″x22″  Sponsor: Paul & Jeannie Sligar Shakstad  Kimberly, ID
Venue: Webb Garden Center – 136 Eastland Dr. 

My artwork has many roots. Since I can first remember I have always wanted to be an artist, from my first portrait of my mother at age two. I am excited that I am finally at a point in life in where I can commit to focusing my career on being a professional artist. I consider myself mostly self- taught.

The individual that has influenced my work the most is my husband, Carl. He has encouraged me to take my painting seriously and focus on it as a priority instead of a pastime.  I am constantly learning from my peers. I enjoy the socialization and trading of information. I use many influences, but the key element to all of my work is the concept of sharing the experience and taking time to enjoy the beauty of life in the West.







7-142 Kent Schmidt – Twin Falls, ID                                                          Category – Painting: Watercolor
One Room School 11” x 8.5”
Sponsor: Magic Valley YMCA – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Magic Valley YMCA – 1751 Elizabeth Blvd. 

I visited this one-room schoolhouse near Fairbury, Nebraska in the summer, when the humidity was around 70-80%. The building and the grounds seemed unchanged from the time that my grandmother taught there nearly 90 years earlier. The local historical society opened the school doors for our small family reunion. The school sits at the crossroads of two hard-packed dirt roads with nothing but fertile farmland for miles in any direction.

My grandmother, Helen Bakker, taught at this school when she was a young woman.   Several years later she’d meet a man named Otto. They would marry, have children and begin their grand journey. But that’s something for a larger painting.   SchmidtFineArt.com. Illustrations and Fine Art by Kent Schmidt.