2017 Painting: Oil Category




7-051 Carl Rowe – Boise, ID
Category – Painting: Oil 
Near the Camus Prairie 25” x 50”                                                                                   Sponsor: Curtis & Mardon Eaton – Twin Falls, ID                                                    Venue: Chick-fil-A  – 1631 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I began painting in 1990 while living in the Wood River Valley of Idaho.  Originally a flatlander from Illinois, my fascination and response to the foothills of southern Idaho compelled me to find a way to explore this land. Painting ultimately became the most satisfying way to do so.

Bold shapes, the play of light upon undulating surfaces, and the clearly human-like quality of the shapes of treeless hills make compelling subjects for painting. This land can be dramatic, subtle, sensuous, fragile, and highly evocative. As a former professional dancer/choreographer, these qualities especially appeal to me.








7-059 Mina Kratchunova – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Oil
Aurora Borealis 4’ x 4’ oil on canvas

Sponsor: Jan Mittleider – Twin Falls, ID

Venue:  Professional Frame  – 132 Main Ave. S.

I believe art is not only an expression, but a discipline. It takes a lot of rest, and a lot of practice but the payout in the end is priceless. And it isn’t money. It is self expression that people can relate with. The interpretation of my paintings is entirely up to you. Let art become you.






7-068 Marko Marino Declo, ID                                                                            Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                          Sunrise on the Tetons, Moran Junction 45″x60″

Sponsor: Jan Brumbach – Twin Falls, ID                                                               Venue: Everton Mattress & Furniture Gallery – 347 Pole Line Rd.

I am an emerging artist; my mediums are oil, watercolor and pastel; my historical subject matter has been wildlife and landscape. I am now moving into the area of human emotion through figurative painting. My objective is to bring my unique view of the Human Condition to the world.

The strength behind my work is my natural drawing ability, which forms the basis for my paintings. I have a strong design sense and I am continually learning to “see” light, texture, shapes, and colors. I am a student of human anatomy, gesture, and expression. I paint my life, both on canvas and in the world.








7-017 Nicole Kindred – Twin Falls, ID                                                           Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                           Last One Home 30” x 40” on gallery wrapped canvas

Sponsor: Paul & Jeannie Sligar Shakstad – Kimberly, ID

Venue: Nielson Family Chiropractic – 1330 Filer Ave. E.

Why do we create “art”? I create To prove to my soul that I am still Listening to that still small voice that says “Why Not?”

To not let the busyness of this beautiful crazy life become all that I am. I overreach my bonds of creative restraint to touch the other side of the fear of failure.

“Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a way of Being”-Fredrick Franck







7-049 Kurt Pierson – Gooding, ID                                                               Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                                 The Yellowstone 51″x39″                                                                                          Sponsor: John Pierson – Medical Lake, WA                                                          Venue: Mountain America Credit Union – 1061 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I began drawing and painting in my youth. My inspiration came from my mother who is a Western artist. I grew up knowing about Charlie Russell and Fredrick Remington and the painters at the turn of the century and how they inspired the west and celebrated the cowboys. For me, I was captured by the dry brush strokes, the power and grace of the horses, the brilliant vast landscapes and characters, the paintings were telling stories all the action and strength. As fate would have it, I decided to open a dairy on my parents ranch, Deep Creek Dairy. Years passed but my love of art remained. I won a bid to build a bronze statue of Lloyd H. Miller and enjoyed the freedom of oil-based clay. I went on to produce three more bronze sculptures. In 2006, I moved to Gooding, purchased some land and have remained steady with my oil paintings, finding   inspiration, maturing and developing my craft.








7-004 Thomas Archer – Twin Falls, ID                                                           Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                          Victory 36”x48” oil on canvas

Sponsor: Mike & Melissa Crane – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Lighthouse Christian Church – 960 Eastland Dr.

My entry depicts Christ’s Resurrection on the third day. On the third day, Jesus rose from the grave and had victory over hell and death. Jesus concurred death and gave to all who believe in him the promise of eternal that “he who believes in me shall not die but have life everlasting.”





7-022 Gary Rasmussen – Twin Falls, ID                                                   Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                     Winter’s Prelude, Copper Basin 30”x40” oil on canvas

Sponsor: Richard Bateman, Realtor, Keller Williams/The Orton Group – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Deseret Book – 1434 Pole Line Rd. E.

Each subject I have a connection to, a personal relationship with. I revisit them at different times of the day, noting cloud patterns and shadow placement, at which times the light is most dramatic, often waiting out a storm for that magical break in the clouds. Seasonal colors against rock or buildings, events such as the presence of wildlife or cattle driven to new grazing, bird migration, horse drawn sleds hauling feed to snowbound herds or that heart stopping vista just over a rise. “Discovery is not seeking new landscapes, it’s seeing with new eyes.” – Winter’s Prelude, Copper Basin

A late September storm had just passed over the area. As the clouds began to break up, the afternoon sun highlighted the intense fall colors.






7-007 Lee MacLeod – Santa Fe, NM                                                           Category- Painting: Oil                                                                                             Passing Storm, Arroyo Hondo                                                                                Sponsor: C. Loren Butler-Twin Falls, ID                                                                    Venue: Middlekauff Ford Lincoln  – 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

My work seeks to express my interest in the Western landscape. I am not trying to paint exact reproductions of a particular place. I am more interested in capturing the essence of a locale. Paint application, stylizing, and editing are important components in my paintings. If and when I get lucky and everything comes together, I hopefully create art that speaks to me and to the viewer.






7-012 Leon Smith – Twin Falls, ID                                                           Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                         Perrine Stage Last Run, 1915 34″x43″                                                             Sponsor: Jan Mittleider – Twin Falls, ID                                                                Venue: O’Dunkens – 102 Main Ave. N.

This historical oil painting depicts the last run for the Perrine Stagecoach in 1915, an end of an era in Twin Falls as the automobile become more commonplace.

The Perrine Hotel, located on Main and Shoshone streets, was headquarters for a regular route that included Jerome and Shoshone, Idaho and Contact, Nevada.






7-013 Kathy LilyField – Buhl, ID                                                                          Category – Painting: Oil Cumulus 30″x50″ gallery wrapped canvas Sponsor: Center of Healing – Buhl, ID                                                               Venue: Joslin Field – Magic Valley Regional Airport – 492 Airport Loop

Painting clouds has always been a subject of interest for me. While looking at some older photos I came across an amazing reference from the spring of 1998. As we journeyed back to the U.S. from South America in our small plane, we crossed the Caribbean, with me snapping the camera most of the way. A rain storm was creating clouds full of drama, with massive multi-colored water below. I enjoyed every moment while putting these images on canvas, remembering the wonderful experience with every brush stroke.






7-020 David Swain – Twin Falls, ID                                                             Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                               Study of Cezanne’s ‘Still Life with Seven ApplesOil on board                                                                                                                                  Sponsor: Alice & Fred Elwood – Buhl, ID 

Venue: Kurt’s Pharmacy & Hallmark – 1203 Filer Ave. E.

With apologies to Paul Cezanne, I chose to do a study of his original oil painting ‘Still life with seven apples’, dated 1878. It was my intent not to copy his work but rather challenge myself to capture the same mood and feeling in my interpretation. Thanks to Cezanne and the other impressionists for bringing such beauty to our world and for being willing to see things not as they are but how they can be. I hope you enjoy my interpretation.






7-028 Floyd Drown – Twin Falls, ID                                                             Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                              When Buffalo Ruled 20″x30″ Oil on canvas                                                      Sponsor: Mel & Linda Temple – Twin Falls, ID                                                     Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

In the early 1800’s, making your way westward was done mainly by paddlewheel boats up the Missouri river. The large herds of buffalo were ever present.

My painting depicts a time when herds crossing the river and boats converged. Sometimes they had to wait for days on the buffalo to cross as there were millions in the herds.








7-029 Linda Dennis – Twin Falls, ID                                                                   Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                                   Mr. Jackrabbit 18.5″x22.5″ Oil on canvas

Sponsor: Greg & Susan Wills – Wills Toyota – Twin Falls, ID                             Venue: Wills Toyota – 236 Shoshone St. W.

While visiting Saint Remy de Provence, France, I was encouraged to explore the colors I could see in everyday objects.  I used this study to paint Mr. Jackrabbit.  I definitely feel more creative using vivid colors, and the subjects I paint become more alive.








7-033 Connor Acklin – Twin Falls, ID                                                           Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                           Series: 24”x36” and 12”x24”

Sponsor: Warm Art Tattoo – Twin Falls, ID                                                   Venue: Twin Falls Sandwich Co. –  128 Main Ave. N.

Within my detailed workings, I produce vivid color and organic locomotion executed in oil color paint. I tend to let my mind wander and my hand dance on the canvas as I create exquisite textures and patterns. I can pull inspiration out of anywhere when I work-much like the free running sources of water. When the mood is right, wonderful things can flow right to you.

Most of my pieces excite the mind as well as keep it occupied with its uniqueness and bold emotional connection to the unknown.







7-040 Lejla BecirovicTwin Falls, ID                                                           Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                       Sponsor: Brad Burgess – Kimberly, ID                                                                   Venue: Perrine Barber Shop – 115 Shoshone St. N.

I fell in love with Magic Valley in 1994. When I paint is truly a time when I feel most alive. My art is the language of my soul. If you want to know my soul, look at the surface of my art and you will find me. This painting is called “God’s Creation.” It is a dream of a better more beautiful world. Go ahead, get lost in this dream with me.







7-041 Tami Aufderheide – Twin Falls, ID                                                  Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                                 Rush Hour 16″x20″ oil on board                                                                         Sponsor: Janet Coonts – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Sav Mor Drug – 139 Main Ave. W.

Rush Hour is a part of the Commuter Series I have been working on.

This series is a reaction to seeing so many beautiful moments through the windshield of my vehicle as I rush from one life event to the next.







7-043 KT Yarbro – Twin Falls, ID                                                                     Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                      Herbs and Oils                                                                                                                 Sponsor: Mary Ann Gilmore – Twin Falls, ID                                                           Venue: Washington Federal Bank 494 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Throughout the years, I have become involved in “hobby spurts.”  In the 1960s, it was knitting and crocheting; in the 1970s, it was macramé; in the 1980s, I made all my own clothes; in the 1990s, I was introduced to oil painting by my dear friend, Pat Stephens.  Pat and I already shared gardening and cooking.  She introduced me to oil painting, and I was hooked!  Some years ago, we combined our activities and the current rage in the culinary world was flavored oils and vinegars.  I took this one step further and made a painting of one of our efforts.  Not only were the oils very tasty, but  this painting soon became one of my favorites.








7-057 Corinne Slusser Rupert, ID                                                           Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                         Feeling Groovy 36″x36″ VW Bus Oil on canvas                                          Sponsor: AI & Fran Frost – Twin Falls, ID                                                           Venue: Bisby Chiropractic – 1563 Fillmore St. #2E

VW buses make me smile. Who can resist grinning and waving at the people in them as you pass one by. I remember going to the beach with friends as a child in their bus. VW buses remind me of childhood, sunshine and long summer days; camping and exploring without a care in the world. This was painted from a picture of my son’s 1974 VW bus. As the front end isn’t as iconic as the earlier buses with the V swoop I punched up the color, used a large brush and smiled the whole time I painted it.








7-065 Wendy Blickenstaff Boise, ID                                                           Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                               Good Dog Day 36” X 48” oil on canvas                                                      Sponsor: Chuck & Carolyn Coiner – Twin Falls, ID                                   Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

Good Dog Day is an oil painting in process. It’s a lively piece of art meant to celebrate and capture some of the pure joy my Australian shepherd feels when she is let off leash in the wild. It’s an adrenaline rush just to see her racing around the landscape as if she could fly. I have always found joy and companionship in owning a dog, and through this piece, I hope to capture some of that spirit. For other examples of my work, please visit wendyblickenstaff.com







7-084 David Mensing Albion, ID                                                                 Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                         Untitled 48″x 60“ oil on canvas                                                                             Sponsor: Al & Fran Frost – Twin Falls, ID                                                                Venue: Joslin Field – Magic Valley Regional Airport – 492 Airport Loop

I have entitled this painting, Untitled. That is the title. There is expanse and solace everywhere in the West. Untitled captures one such moment. I have found that the experience of familiar places like this one can be the most stunning – the most beautiful.

I emphasized color intensities and the feeling of light in the creation of this painting. Yet I think it is the composition that is most compelling. It is my intention that the viewer, drawn in by diagonal elements, would visually wander deep into the high country beyond.

As I painted, I thought about places such as this – unnamed places that still, somehow stir the soul. I was also reminded of characters like that in the Bible. Many times, great men and women have a huge significance in God’s kingdom, yet we never even hear their name. That is the sort of humility that I want to emulate.







7-087 Silas Thompson – Declo, ID                                                               Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                                A Snake, A Pillar, and A Wall 48″x60″

Sponsor: Mike & Jan McBride – Twin Falls, ID                                                           Venue: Rudy’s – A Cook’s Paradise147 Main Ave. W.

Silas Thompson (b. 1990) was raised in Idaho. His passion for drawing and painting was instilled at an early age, fostered by his parents and manifest by the filling of countless sketchbooks and refrigerator magnets.

Setting out on annual backpacking trips with his father, he began to treasure the distinct birthmarks and icons of beautiful rivers, valleys, and mountains that carve through the high desert and vast farmlands of the West. His desire to create work that evokes a memory continues to be a driving force to push Silas to be innovative and to look for new ways to create the illusion of solidity, time, and emotion.

However, it is the distinctly imputed beauty in creation that points him constantly to God for continued inspiration.








7-088 Garth Williams – Burley, ID                                                                Category – Painting: Oil Autumn Time 48”x24”

Sponsor: Mary Kay Martin – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Glanbia Cheese Marketplace – 131 Main Ave. E.

I was fortunate to be born in the big sky country of Helena, MT. I grew up acquiring a great love of the outdoors. I remember my dad packing me across a trout stream on his back so we could get to the next hole. The best time to fish was always in the fall when the streams were low and clear and the autumn colors were always spectacular. Each time I paint fall aspens, many special memories came to mind.

At a young age, I remember my grandpa painting pictures with oil paint. I still have some of this paintings today. His encouragement to paint greatly influenced my decision to become an artist many decades ago. I met a very special friend Robert Moore, a wonderful artist whose work I loved and admired. This turned out to be a real blessing in my life giving me the opportunity to study impressionistic art under his constant supervision. Developing my own concept of realism is the most important step in creating a painting that allows the viewer to determine what shapes are woven

together to determine what images appears. I never lost my desire to be an impressionistic oil painter.







7-104 Bev Stone – Burley, ID                                                                               Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                                  Deer Crossing 47”x36” framed                                                                              Sponsor: Al & Fran Frost – Twin Falls, ID                                                                     Venue: Middlekauff Ford Lincoln – 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Bev Stone is an award-winning children’s book author and artist.  Introduced to art at an early age, she says she can’t remember when art wasn’t a part of her life.  Bev paints in both watercolor and oil and has just finished her eighth children’s book.  You can visit her website at: www.artbybevstone.com and follow her @Bevstone13 and on Instagram at bev_stone13.






7-109 Mary Butler Boise, ID                                                                          Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                                   Fly Fishing on Trail Creek 24″x36″                                                                         Sponsor: Spring Cove Outfitters – Bliss, ID                                                            Venue: Vickers Western Store – 2309 Addison Ave. E.

I personally call my style funky western.  It is expressionistic and impressionistic in both watercolor and oil. I love the feel of a loaded brush moving across the canvas leaving a fresh clean stroke of paint and the sensation of a painting coming together. I paint to express my love for color, movement and family. I did not choose to be a Western Artist, but it came to me. I was privileged to have grown up in  the rural life style of beautiful and rugged Idaho.






7-135 John Horejs –                                                                                                   Burley, ID/Litchfield Park, AZ                                                                      Category – Painting: Oil                                                                                     Sawtooth Wildflowers 36″x48″                                                                    Sponsor: Roberts & Hall Dental – Twin Falls, ID                                               Venue: Roberts & Hall Dental – 256 Martin St.

John Horejs was born in Twin Falls, ID, and maintains studios in Burley during the summer months, and Arizona in the winter. Growing up in Southern Idaho, John spent many happy times camping and hiking in the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains with his parents and brothers and sisters. After he started painting in 1973, the Sawtooths naturally became a frequent subject for his paintings.

John, a professional artist since 1986, has supported his family of nine children with his painting sales over the years. His work is in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. and is available through Kneeland Gallery in Sun Valley, Gallery 601 in Boise, and other fine art galleries nationwide. Please see johnhorejs.com.








7-138 Shena Bingham – Dietrich, ID                                                           Category – Painting: Oil Aspens 23”x26”                                                     Sponsor: Seastrom Manufacturing – Twin Falls, ID                                      Venue: Cycle Therapy – 1542 Fillmore St.

I got the inspiration for this painting on a beautiful trail ride in the Southhills. It was the most amazing day, the sun was shining through the leaves which made the yellows glow. We stopped for lunch in this great little shady spot. I painted this painting with a very limited palette of four colors.