2017 Painting: Acrylic Category






7-148 Anita Clark – Buhl, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic
Living Elegance floral painted vintage service table

Sponsor: Curtis & Mardo Eaton – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Apricot Home – 126 2nd Ave. S.

Sometimes my paintings find a new canvas in antiques and furniture.  Love painting on old pieces of furniture giving new life and usefulness to cherished items. It is wonderful to see them introduced  into the home expressing individuality.






7-134 Cat Thompson – Portland, OR
Category – Painting: Acrylic
September 8, 1974 tryptic, 3 18″x36″ panels for a total of 36″ x 54″

Sponsor:  OK Auto Systems – Twin Falls, ID

Venue:  Snake River Auto Body – 404 4th Ave. W.

Inspired by Evel Knievel’s historic jump in 1974, I want this piece to evoke the spirit of taking risks and showcase the beauty of our Snake River Canyon.

Creating art work is my way of exploring the world. I have a
relentless curiosity that I am satisfying through the physical process of constructing each piece. Even in a painting, I imagine that I am building the thought, physically bringing to life an emotion that I can’t articulate. I lose myself completely in the piece, lose sight of what I initially envisioned the piece to be and without trying to restrict what it has become, let the piece emerge on its own.







7-071 Sharon Hayes – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic
Evening Peace
Sponsor: Marcia Penney – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Depot Grill – 545 Shoshone St. S.

Experimenting with acrylics, I hope to convey the peace of a solitary whitetail buck in the woods beside a  stream. It’s an imaginary world, and that is what art is to me…driven by imagination!






7-126 Neva Edwards – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic
Nature’s Beauty 24″x36″ with frame
Sponsor: Carolyn White – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Idaho Central Credit Union – 1875 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I love to paint landscapes and trees.  When I paint I really feel the beauty of Nature all around.






7-009 Rick Kuhn – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic
The Clouds 22″ x 28“ acrylic on canvas

Sponsor: Deck & Susan Waters Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Prasai’s Thai 2 Go – 1563 Fillmore St. #1A

My paintings are primarily inspired by my reaction to the physical landscape,  an emotional response to both nature as well as man-made features such as road and  architecture. I attempt to recreate this emotional connection and share it with the viewer. MATCH






7-024 Mimi Ford – Buhl, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic

Fishing in Cold Water 30”x40” acrylic on canvas
Sponsor: Jensen RingmakersTwin Falls, ID          
Venue: Jensen Ringmakers  – 109 Main Ave. E.

Mimi Ford, a true Idaho country girl, is an avid hunter and angler with a passion for fun and fish, as represented in her larger-than-life paintings. Mimi’s jubilant love of fish and nature are evident in her vibrant paintings, a passion she began developing just three years ago.

Creativity flows through her veins which she attributes to her mother CK Weardon, a professional artist who has guided her on this incredible journey. Mimi, her mom and grandmother are currently showing their work at the Red Door Gallery in Tubac, AZ.

Mimi’s is a florist, event coordinator and owner of Mimi’s Flowers and the Saddlehorn Event Center in Buhl. ID.








7-026 Alicia Sage – Shoshone, ID                                                                Category – Painting: Acrylic  

Metaphorm 18″x24″ Acrylic on canvas
Sponsor: Joe’s Backhoe Service Mountain View Lanes – Shoshone, ID   

Venue: Orange Leaf  – 725 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

On July 11, 1984, as time and space collided, I became me.  At a very young age, my mom told me art was an expression of myself. I won my first art contest in kindergarten. I have been trying to express myself ever since, while trying to understand who it is I am expressing. Most of my life I have struggled to understand this river of emotion inside that never stops flowing. Pouring out over the years, mostly through poetry but most recently through the bristles of my paint brush. Since April 2012, I have painted 44 acrylic paintings, each one is a piece of my heart and soul. “Metaphorm” #44, came to life out of the simple desire to show the world who I am and how I feel. I am a girl in a black and white world, with my head in the clouds, butterflies in my stomach and walls around my heart. And some people might just see the girl while others may only see chaos. But today, I can finally see the beauty in the chaos.







7-030 Linda Aufderheide – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic
Shoshone Creek in Autumn 22″x28″ acrylic on canvas
Sponsor: Alexander Dental – Twin Falls, ID                                             Venue: Sav Mor Drug –  139 Main Ave. W.

As a life long resident of Southern Idaho I have always had a deep connection to the Shoshone Basin.  From road trips with my parents to sharing the area with my own children, I have returned time and again to this place.  The deep shadow and the reflections on the water speaks to me and appears over and over again in my work. Match

7-083 Chady Ward – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic                                                                                     In the Company of Angels 26”x38” matted and framed                 Sponsor:  Curtis & Mardo Eaton  Twin Falls, ID                   Venue: Connections Credit Union – 1445 Addison Ave. E.

Not all angels have wings, but certainly some do.. In the loss of my third horse, I know she would certainly have had some.  I have always loved the Greek winged horse Pegasus and have often painted winged horses….Some are messengers…….Here, I am just “In the company of Angels.”







7-096 Dean Packer – Twin Falls, ID                                                            Category – Painting: Acrylic                                                                                Zion Park Sentinel                                                                                                      Sponsor: Mike & Jan McBride – Twin Falls, ID                                                  Venue: Mountain America Credit Union – 1061 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

While on vacation in Utah’s Zion National Park,  I took some pictures late in the evening of the sentinel dome. The shadows on the dome were what caught my interest.

They appeared so majestic and serene and I was inspired to capture the feeling. I hope the viewer can get the same sense of peace and serenity as I did.

Packer, best known for capturing the beauty of regional landscapes, has a fascination for light and composition. Art collectors love the soft emotion of his work. Packer’s work hangs in both public collections and is owned by Chevy Chase, Barry Goldwater, Robert Culp and Leon Panetta.








7-105 Dan Looney – Meridian, ID 
Category – Painting: Acrylic                                                                                    All Falls Near Twin Falls 36″x36″ on canvas

Sponsor:   Leonard & Alice Anderson – Twin Falls, ID                             Venue: Freedom Auto Finders – 365 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

My quest and passion for painting has resulted in a career of over 40 years and about 3000 works. I am still striving to grown and learn as an artist.

My process of painting usually starts free-form or with a design in pencil, then continues with big washes in watercolor or mixed media including various combinations of watercolor, acrylics, oils, gouache, torn paper collage, pen and ink on heavy rag watercolor paper and canvas. This forms a cohesive background on which I can add detail, other colors and textures.

Intense observation, memory and imagination combined with photographs, sketches and textures fuel my creative process for landscapes, cityscapes and various subjects. Light, atmospheric changes and the “personality” of the subject inspire my emotion and excitement for the finished work. My goal is a painting that is detailed and energetic and “sings” to the viewer.








7-107 Stephanie Wright Jerome, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic                                                                          Stormy Weather 18″x24″

Sponsor: Bob & Marcia Penney – Twin Falls, ID 
Venue: Premier Auto Group –  636 Poleline Rd.

My work explores the relationship between the nostalgic American West and the moody skies of Wyoming.

With influences from the places I have lived, and many artists I admire, new ideas are crafted from my own photos, and multiple layers of paint.

Ever since childhood, I have observed life through a creative eye. Through my love of painting, I intend to show people the world in which I view as beautiful and pay tribute to the journeys and hard work that people have paved before me.










7-108 Rosi Martinez Eckert – Buhl, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic                                                                                   We Are All Connected  30″x48“ on gallery wrapped canvas          Sponsor: Bob & Linda Sojka – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: The Brass Monkey – 124 Main Ave. N. 

My inspiration came from my 5 year old Granddaughter Clementine.  She was explaining one of her paintings, she said “there is one big heart underground & we are all connected to it and to each other.”








7-137 Rita Mahon – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Painting: Acrylic
Life on Mars 36”x36”                                                                                           Sponsor: Mitch & Linda Watkins – Twin Falls, ID                                            

Venue: Twin Falls Sandwich Co. – 128 Main Ave. N. 

I don’t set out to create anything in general beyond a moment of joy or bliss while bringing my paintings to fruition. My artwork focus on intense, bold color combinations and the willingness to let go and not have total control over the outcomes. I have formally studied artwork in the form of photography, acrylics, pastels, etc. and found that time restraints and targeted subject matter hindered my creativity rather than encourage my creativity. I use my painting as a form of mindfulness and meditation; to be fully present in the moment and physically engaged with the process.