2017 Mixed Media Category








7-042 Betsy Horner Morishita – Twin Falls, ID                              Category – Mixed Media  

See Beyond 24”x36” acrylic on black cotton, framed
Sponsor: Bob & Linda Sojka – Twin Falls, ID                                                 Venue: Idaho Central Credit Union – 2193 Addison Ave. E.

Nature has always been an inspiration for me. The iridescent shimmer of fish and dragonflies, the thick and thin of cracks in rocks and the amazing colors and textures on earth. My textile paintings began as a way to combine my love of nature, printmaking and design. I paint on 100% black cotton with acrylics and metallic paints. Painting on black material is a challenge, but I love how the colors and design look against the dark background. My art begins with a sketch and evolves with layers of paint, adding texture and depth to my work. I may do several paintings of a similar design, but each piece is an original.








7-037 Jill Crozier – Jerome, ID 
Category Mixed Media
Birds Three handmade nesting boxes of original design made from recycled mat board, handmade papers, ink, acrylic paint, waxed linen, original digital images and beads.

Sponsor: Crozier Coachworks, Inc. – Jerome, ID
VenueTwin Falls Sewing Center – 157 Main Ave. W.

As an artist, I am drawn to texture, color and materials that surround me. I begin my process with a basic impression, followed by problem solving and step-by-step construction.

My creative journey is filled with learning and joy. It is always a challenge to resolve the design of these complex objects and their many associations. I think complexity is a value in generating visual interest and inevitable surprises.

7-076 Amanda Jentzsch – Rupert, ID                                                   Category – Mixed Media
Partner 36″x42″ western image on antique barn door
Sponsor: Art Roamers – Rupert, ID                                                                   Venue: Depot Grill – 545 Shoshone St. S.

I see art in everything, even in the most ordinary objects. I like to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Months ago, I was in the shed behind my house when I spotted this old piece of wood that once was part of a barn door. It was covered in dirt, lichen and bird poop. To me it was beautiful. As I lay in bed thinking about what to do for the Art and Soul competition I remembered that weathered piece of wood. It was too beautiful to rot away in a shed, so I took it and gave it new life.





7-085 Marne Elmore Boise, ID
Category – Mixed Media
Golden Eagle 4’x8′ woodcut print w/acrylic paint
Sponsor: First Federal Bank – Twin Falls, ID  
Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

The act of translation provides endless opportunity. The planar quality of two dimensional visual art is exhilarating terrain, particularly when employed with representational subject matter. The two-dimensional nature of my work influences my approach to understanding physical texture and the means of representing
space, shape, shadow, and form. My conceptual influences include nature, science, agriculture, and the human relationship to space and the environment. I am especially interested in the intersection of printmaking as an art medium with ideas of repetition, variation, and representation. Scale is a very important consideration in my artwork. For instance, with the artwork, Golden Eagle, I am interested in how the size and scale might affect the
viewer.  I am also interested in the possible symbolic associations
the subject matter can elicit. The eagle is often seen as emblematic of power and respect. The dangerous, wild, and more vicious aspects of the eagle affirm its association with awe and reverence. My hope with this artwork is to celebrate the plurality of perception such as simultaneous veneration and trepidation.









7-086 Jessica Larsen – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Mixed Media
Commuting Time 50”x50” Maple, Alder, African mahogany, Cement, Rubber, Resin, and Paint

Sponsor: Curtis & Mardo Eaton – Twin Falls, ID                                                        Venue: Everton Mattress & Furniture Gallery – 347 Pole Line Rd.

Larsen is a proud to be born and raised in the great state of Idaho.  She started her craft at an early age when she started painting lessons when she was 15. She went on to several secondary schools such as the Art Institute of Seattle, Boise State University and Chautauqua Institute for the arts in New York.

Commuting Guilt is a mixed media piece that is based on my nostalgic response to the landscape, colors, and textures of time during my youth when I spent every other weekend traveling from my mother’s house to my father’s house.






7-124 Kirk Jensen – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Mixed Media                                                                                       Hide & Seek in the Deep Blue with Penelope  11.5”x1.5”x2.25”       Sponsor: Rosie Stroebel – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Rodda Paint – 1280 Filer Ave. E.

This treasure chest was inspired by my love of the ocean and my granddaughters love of hide and seek. The top is a whale playing hide and seek with her.  She is hiding in the knot hole of a piece of drift wood.








7-097 Karen McClure – Shoshone, ID 
Category – Mixed Media                                                                                           Elk in Aspens 65″x65″ Watercolors, acrylics, watercolor pencils, cotton fabric, cotton thread                                                                                  Sponsor: Jane Bennett Munro – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Rob Green Buick GMC – 1427 Blue Lakes Blvd. N. 

Elk in Aspens was inspired by pictures I took of one of the canyons outside of Bellevue, ID. The fall colors and the aspens are very spectacular there.  As I was painting this piece it brought back memories of when I moved to Idaho in the early seventies and then raising five kids at the mouth of this canyon. This is where they learned to ride horses, run free and then hunt in the fall.  After completing this piece I had the opportunity to visit each child and everyone of them made this comment “I know exactly where that is” and I realized that I had captured something. Elk in Aspens sort of developed as I went along and it stretched me quite a bit because I kept changing things till the last piece was added, the elk. For me this piece is very emotional and hangs in a special place in my art studio.

karenjmcclure@msn.com, artbykaren2.com and                               Karen’s Place on facebook.








7-014 Laurel Macdonald – Boise, ID
Category – Mixed Media 
Flowing Flowers 19.5″x25.5″ hand-colored linocut
Sponsor: Jim Macdonald – Boise, ID                                                                Venue: Premier Auto Group –  636 Pole Line Rd.

I live in an old farmhouse with a faucet on the west side and I have a huge garden, mostly flowers. The faucet provides the water that sustains my gorgeous flowers. Water is a huge issue here in the west, and I always feel guilty using this precious resource to grow zinnias, iris, lilies, peonies, asters, and the myriad other flowers I grow. But they give me such pleasure! This image illustrates the direct connection between the faucet and my flower garden.

This print is a hand-colored woodcut. I cut the image out of wood, printed it onto white paper with black, oil-based ink, and then colored it in with watercolor.  The wood carving gives the image an organic look and references the old faucet at  the farmhouse.








7-016 Mike Youngman – Twin Falls, ID
tegory – Mixed Media
Inscrutable 32″x26″ graphite and oil pastel                                         Sponsor: Paul & Jeannie Sligar Shakstad – Kimberly, ID                     Venue:  Everton Mattress  & Furniture Gallery –  347 Pole Line Rd.

In lieu of traditional figure-ground relationship, I have hidden the figure by use of arbitrary and broken color.  Where’s Waldette?








7-025 Marjorie McBride – Twin Falls, ID                                          Category – Mixed Media
At the Confluence 30″x40″ Auger Falls photo on metal with poem       Sponsor: Westerra Group, Inc. – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Rudy’s – A Cook’s Paradise – 147 Main Ave. W.

As a poet and photographer I enjoy capturing many different subjects but in life and in art I am intensely drawn to water.  I have lived, worked, and played on the river for almost fifteen years as a guide, artist, boater, poet and photographer. Through my work I strive to live a life more beautiful, creative, understanding, and spiritual.  For me the river is the quickest way to engage in this practice and so it is that on the river this image and poem evolved together.






7-034 Debra Bonsack Boise, ID                                                           Category – Mixed Media
A Friend at the Falls 24″x36″
Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID                                  Venue: 632 – 632 Main Ave. N.

Debi started as an artist in her mother’s studio. By the age of  seven, she was painting in oils. She has taught art for over twenty-five. She has loved every minute of her artistic life and hopefully it is abundantly apparent in her work.

The theory of art making for Debi comes from her favorite quote. “If you work with your hands, you are a craftsmen”. Thus her craft has been some fifty years of development and practice. “If you work with your head, you are an inventor.” This is where the unique use of materials she has developed come into play. “And, if you work with your hands, your head, and your heart, you are an Artist.” Matched








7-036 Michele Hamilton – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Mixed Media
A Friend at the Falls 24″x36
Sponsor: J. Robert & Sonia Alexander – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Jensen Ringmakers  – 109 Main Ave. E.

I think life is a journey without a true destination. Regardless of what we plan we must always be prepared for the changes that come. This past few years my life seems to have taken me on the most unexpected detour of all. I watch daily as my eternal sweetheart’s health declines, I have gone from being a shop girl surrounded by art to a full time care giver searching for art. I have gone from rarely being alone to feeling very alone. I miss things that I took for granted and I would love to go back for just a day to a house filled with children and music and laughter and joy. There is less laughter in our home…just he and me. We laugh at things that would not be funny to anyone else. Last night we laughed as I asked him what year it was and he said 1963. We laughed when he did a slow spiral fall that neither hurt nor damaged him. It isn’t easy this life but it is mine and I am ever grateful for it even though it isn’t what I planned.

So maybe my life is my art and this is just of sliver of it. We thought we would see the world, instead we created our own.






7-064 Gail Leach – Seattle, WA 
Category – Mixed Media
Beaded Horse 11“ x 11“ x 3”
Sponsor: Curtis & Mardo Eaton – Twin Falls, ID                                         Venue: Pizza Pie Café – 1826 Canyon Crest Dr.

I am an energetic artist who loves color and beautiful things. My passion is making mixed media art assemblages from found objects. My friends tell me I have a flair for the unexpected.

This whimsical horse was carved in Sweden, bought in a thrift shop in Denmark, moved to the United States of America, by me where, I embellished it with found glass beads.








7-101 LeAnne SasserCollins – Kimberly, ID
Category – Mixed Media

Treasure Doll 14″

Sponsor:  Kent & Cindy Collins – The Collins Connection                     Venue: 632 – 632 Main Ave. N.

A little boy runs up to his mother in her garden mid summer. He has a muddy feet and smudges on his face. “Mama, mama I have a treasure for you.” He reaches out his hand and gives her his Beautiful Treasure. She places it in her apron pocket and later into a mason jar on the windowsill above the kitchen sink. This doll has many of the treasures that little boy found and brought to his mama.

My work is a collection of found objects repurposed into treasures. Where I bring value back to the discarded.

LeAnne is a Southern Idaho Artist living in Kimberly with her four children and two border Collies. She is a sculptor working in steel and found objects on both small and large  scale. She also teaches art at Acorn Learning Center.