2018 Jewelry Category

8-036 Barbara Palmer Pocatello, ID

Category – Jewelry

Swarovski Silver Night Collection necklace, earrings and ring

Sponsor: My Place Hotel – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Middlekauff Auto Group, 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

BEADING!  Such a simple word, and it can be simple. Just beads strung on a thread to form a circle makes a bracelet, or it can mean a very elaborate piece of art. Beading to me is a passion, not only to share with others, but to challenge my ability and continue to learn.

In the beginning, everything about beading was a challenge, but my love for the art has grown with each new success.  https://www.etsy.com/newlookoriginals

8-134 Rebecca Harper Twin Falls, ID

Category – Jewelry

Dichroic Glass Jewelry

Sponsor: NuVu Glass – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: NuVu Glass, 421 Eastland Dr.

Using a glass cutter, black glass is cut into many sizes and shapes and then layered with another glass called Dichroic.  Dichroic, used and developed by aerospace, is glass used to create a highly reflective material.

After shaping, the glass is placed in a kiln for heating and melting to form the piece.  Fusing the glass takes approx. 8 hours to complete and then another 4-5 hours before taking glass out of the kiln. The hot temperatures fuse the glass to make a beautiful combination of colors and reflections that change with movement as its worn.