2017 Jewelry Category






7-091 Donna Armstrong – Phoenix, AZ 
Category – Jewelry

Sponsor: Alice & Fred Elwood – Buhl, ID

Venue: America’s Best Contacts & Eyeglasses – 1239 Pole Line Rd. #312

Many of the techniques I use are a revival of ancient metal working processes; reticulation, fusing, and chain maille have been used throughout history. It is my intent to breathe new life into those processes and create a contemporary, wearable piece of art, a special piece of jewelry that is carefully crafted by human hands. I strive for designs that are influenced by cultures and historical periods; fashion forward but classic, simple yet unique.

As a jewelry artist each piece I create is a part of me, but it also speaks to and becomes a part of the wearer.  My art creates a connection  that otherwise might not exist.








7-144 Karen Klinefelter – Boise, ID
Category – Jewelry

Tagua pendant carved out of vegetable ivory (aka tagua nut), toasted with the torch and embellished with oxidized sterling silver.5″ tall, 1.5″ wide, .6″ deep

Sponsor: Marge Nessa – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: 632 – 632 Main Ave. N.

I’ve been making art jewelry and sculpture for over 25 years. The constant theme has been a fascination with patterns and textures, grids and lines and finishes that oppose one another. The discovery of organic vegetable ivory as a medium challenged that design sense with its fluid and unpredictable shape and nature. My current work is a combination of my love and understanding of the metal and my delight and exploration in finding my voice in this completely different material.








7-132 Jodi Silvers-Miller – Boise, ID
Category – Jewelry
Beautiful Words 20“ engraved

Sponsor Ron & Jan Silvers –  Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Bath N Body Boutique – 140 Main Ave. N.

​*beautiful words* is a line of jewelry where jodi miller engraves each piece, freehand, designing pieces with words that carry beauty, creativity and life. *beautiful words* seeks to unlock the potential in another person – helping them to know and experience that they are created to be loved and, in turn, love others deeply.







7-115 Shay D. Design by Shayla Rasmussen – Seattle, WA
Category – Jewelry
Copper Borealis Collection Handmade Jewelry for Unique Individuals Sponsor: Darren & Shawnee Kyle – Twin Falls, ID                                     Venue: Middlekauff Ford Lincoln – 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Born and raised in South East Idaho, I have always been inspired by nature. Other inspirations come from geometric shapes combined with a raw feel from some raw gemstones and natural components that I use. I have been professionally designing jewelry for ten years. I work with many different metals, crystals, gemstones and other natural components.  It is my absolute passion!

This particular set is hand cut from copper sheet metal, shaped, hammered, sanded and fire-scaled by torch. Fire-scaling is a layer of oxides forming on the surface of the copper when heated. The most beautiful part of this process is the fire-scaling, or as I like to call it, Copper Borealis. As I heat the copper surface, I watch the surface change colors over and over again within seconds. I can stop and start the process until it reaches the combination of colors and patterns that I have planned for that particular piece. Sometimes I have no plan and I let the oxides forming determine the finish. It is truly amazing, reminding me of the Northern Lights! Matched








7-125 Kay Seurat – Boise, ID
Category – Jewelry
Spring Bottanickle

Sponsor:  Huberta Phipps – Twin Falls, ID
The Brass Monkey – 124 Main Ave. N.

As a native Idahoan, I’ve always wanted to be somewhere else.  I’ve found that since I can never travel as much as I’d like, the best way to fulfill my wanderlust is to immerse myself in the arts and cultures of the world. I can best do this through my art. Influences from across the globe and through time and space can be seen in my work. I still live in Idaho, and like it more all the time.

I create sculpture & jewelry & textile art, and teach Metalsmithing and jewelry making in my home-based studio. My work can be seen in Boise at the Gallery Five18 and the Boise Art Museum Store, my studio by  appointment  and at kayseurat.com.