2018 Glass Category

8-088 Sandy Swope Twin Falls, ID

Category – Glass

Red Barn 30” x 24”

Sponsor: Nielson Family Chiropractic – Twin Falls, ID Venue: Nielson Family Chiropractic, 1330 Filer Ave. E.

I began working with stained glass 20 years ago to reduce stress. My first piece featured a farm scene with a large red barn as the focal point.  Having grown up on a farm in the Magic Valley, it reminded me of my childhood: simpler days of my siblings and I playing and helping our dad around the farm.

I love the way the changing light through the glass gives the scene a totally different perspective.

8-146 Shahab Fakhr Twin Falls, ID

Category – Glass

Freedom        size – 31” x 43”

Sponsor: Chris & Anna Scholes – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Premier AutoGroup, 636 Pole Line Rd.

“Art comes from an incurable injury,” says Gholam Hassan Fotohi Fakhr, the artist know as Shahab Fakhr.  Born in 1975, he was raised in Iran. He started learning to work with mirrors when he was 15 years old.  He was taught by Siyavash Tarzi and inspired by master Farshchiyan. It’s been his job and love since then.  About a year and half ago, he came to the United States and settled in Twin Falls, ID and says of his new home, “Twin Falls is my peaceful place.”

8-151 Bette Krepcik Twin Falls, ID

Category – Glass

Golden Eagle in Flight 33” x 27” stained glass

Sponsor: Alice & Fred Elwood – Twin Falls, ID Venue: Middlekauff Auto Group, 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I am fascinated by stain glass.  Combining many types of glass such as Versatile Bulls Eye, Water Glass, and Opaque all used in my Golden Eagle. A stain glass window will change its beauty of colors as the light moves thru the glass. My passion for cutting stain glass creates a beautiful window. Reflecting the light shows off the artwork of cutting, wrapping with foil, soldering , final touch, framing, and polish.

8-159 Joe Szerwo Twin Falls, ID

Category – Glass

Expressions In Red 36” x 24”

Sponsor: Rex & Cheryl Leforgee – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Barton’s Jewelry, 546 Blue Lakes Blvd N.

The artistic side of Joe Szerwo has been expressed with the art of blowing glass. Trained at the Firehouse Studio in Vancouver, WA, Joe has found a true passion to follow. The beauty a blown glass piece comes as a stark contrast of the harsh and violent environment of a glass blowing studio. The working temperature of blown glass is around 2300⁰ with the shop temperature usually hovering around 120⁰. Yet when it is all said and done there is a delicate piece of functioning art that can be   used in so many ways.

8-166 Laurelle Gardner Fairhope, AL

Category – Glass

Sponsor: Apricot Home – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Apricot Home, 126 2nd Ave.

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh