2017 Glass Category





7-136 Joe Szerwo – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Glass
Fire and Ice blown glass platter

Sponsor:  Jan Brumbach – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Premier Auto Group –  636 Pole Line Rd

Blown glass defies the laws of gravity in the hands of craftsman Joe Szerwo. Joe works with a a bare minimum of hand tools to shape the undulating, molten glob of glass at 2300 degrees. Then, with only an idea and a bit of luck, the glass is then “frozen” into a work of art by the forces of nature. The red “fire” is captured in the surrounding lip-wrap and supported by the volcano base which holds the field of white “snow flakes” captured in the body of the platter.






7-140 Claudia Whitten – Challis, ID
Category – Glass
Fractal Series set of two 12”x14” kiln-formed glass, vitreous paints

Sponsor: Karen Ryan – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Middlekauff Ford Lincoln –  1243 Blue Lakes Blvd.

My art is a personal journey of observing my surroundings and creating pieces that capture a sense of place. A starting point for me can be just one simple element such as pattern, texture, or the feeling I perceive when looking at nature. My fractal series is an exploration of components in nature that arrange themselves in fractal manner such as trees, river networks, leaves, and bird wings.






7-063 Pam Yates – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Glass
Subjective Perspective 30″x18″ stained glass                                      Sponsor: Elly Young – Twin Falls, ID                                                              

Venue: Terrific Marketing, LLC at Magic Valley Regional Airport – 492 Airport Loop

I became a student in a stained glass class in 1997, with the desire to make two triangle windows for my home. We enjoy five stained glass windows now, and I love watching the light play through the glass all day. Combining colors and textures of the glass pieces allows for different light reflection and changes one’s perspective in viewing the art. These two panels are the same in design. Notice the difference in what your mind perceives in this work.

7-093 Elaine Fuehrer – Filer, ID
Category – Glass
Rose Garland 4’x12” glass roses                                                                         Sponsor: Irene Bitter & Family – Filer, ID                                                      Venue: Hands On – 147 Shoshone St. N.

I got an appetite for doing glass after taking several classes at Hands On in Twin Falls, ID. Working with glass is very challenging but I entered several pieces in our local fair and came away with several blue ribbons and a Best of Class. I have lived in the countryside a few miles from Filer for eight years. I look forward to Spring and Summer with all the beautiful flowers, and my rose garden. This piece I designed to hang outside in my rose garden when the weather improves.








7-123 Laurelle Gardner – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Glass                                                                                                     Keepers  stained glass in a mosaic glass on glass technique                         Sponsor: Mike & Jan McBride – Twin Falls, ID                                      Venue: Apricot Home – 126 2nd Ave. S.

The Perrine Bridge and our Twins statue both act as Keepers over our magnificent Snake River Canyon. Watching the comings and going of life in our little town, greeting friends and welcoming visitors.





7-146 Shahab Fakhr – Twin Falls, ID                                                                     Category – Glass                                                                                                               You Call It Series of three framed cut mirror designs, 37″ x 15″ each Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID                                    Venue: 632 – 632 Main Ave. N. 

“Art comes from an incurable injury,” says Gholam Hassan Fotohi Fakhr, the artist known as Shahab Fakhr. Born in 1975, he was raised in Iran. He started learning to work with mirrors when he was 15 years old. He was taught by Siyavash Tarzi and inspired by master Farshchiyan. It’s been his job and love since then. About 6 months ago, he came to United States and settled in Twin Falls, ID and says of his new home, “Twin Falls is my very peaceful place.”