2017 Fiber Category






7-008 Wanda Alsup – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Fiber
Snug Rugs by Wanda 51″ x 20″ x 38″
Sponsor: R. Michael Burr, CPA-Twin Falls, ID                               Venue: Terry’s Heating & Air Conditioning – 1535 Kimberly Rd.

As a child I was exposed to a number of craft activities and have always been drawn to them. At 73 years old, my life has been filled with more moves than I care to recount and it has never been easy to make new friends. That made it important for me to find hobbies that were challenging and fulfilling. I took a class in weaving and it captured my   attention. I have spent hundreds of hours in front of a loom, working  only with my hands. I enjoy that I can work on this for short periods of time, without much clean up. My oil painting has led me to become a certified Bob Ross Floral Instructor. To keep me away from housework, I also   enjoy ceramics and am becoming proficient in painting with colored pencils.






7-032 Carol Irving – Escanaba, MI
Category – Fiber                                                                                                       Black and White series of three 3’x5’ handwoven wall hangings               Sponsor: Ataraxis Accounting and Advisory – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Joslin Field – Magic Valley Regional Airport – 492 Airport Loop

The piece is also known as So Much Struggle Series, due to it’s complexity and the time it took to design and weave. With this triptych of hangings, my goal was to explore a simple design and then push that design in it’s complexity to something new and different. They are physical and tactile creating a   sacred, or spiritual space within, crying out   to be touched. Using only black and white yarn instead of colors, let me explore the design process even more. Like my other hangings, this piece is about ornament and texture, skilled labor, timeless beauty, and   the inner spirit made visible.

Carol’s works can be found in private and public collections. She hopes to share her  love of design, fiber and weaving  with those who  view her work.

7-035 Megan Burr – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Fiber
Light as a Feather 5″x10″  three torn paper “feathers”
Sponsor: Mike & Debbi Burr – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Snake River Auto Body – 404 4th Ave. W.

The idea for my feathers came from the emu I made a couple years ago. Tiny paper piece relieve stress for me, oddly enough, which is definitely something I needed after a crazy semester at University of Kentucky. The first feather I made was therapeutic, but it ended up looking like a piece you’d use for a fire in a fourth grade diorama. In the process of making these feathers, I was terrorized by spiders while watercoloring, watched my cat try to eat all the tiny paper bits, and dumped half a bottle of mod podge on me– sweater, jeans, and all.








7-062 Christina Christensen – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Fiber
Crochet Doll 19″x8“x4″
Sponsor: Jason & Nikki Halverson – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Idaho Central Credit Union – 2193 Addison Ave. E.

I am the mother of twin girls and the grandmother of eleven grandchildren. I am blessed with a wonderful husband who supports me and even encourages me, especially in my love of crochet.  My yearning to learn how to crochet began when I was very young. I watched my grandmother and my older sister create with a hook and I longed to do the same. When I was mature enough, my sister taught me a few crochet stitches but I wanted to learn so much more. I eventually bought my first “how to” book  and thus began my study in the art of crochet.  The years passed and I began to create project after project. I collected skeins and skeins and even more skeins of yarn until I had boxes, drawers and  shelves full. If I wasn’t crocheting, I was collecting patterns and longing to pick up my crochet hook and create.  My daughter was an established Etsy seller so I tried my hand at marketing a few of my hand crocheted items in her shop. Over time I began to make a name for myself and have shipped orders all over the United States from my very own Etsy shop. Now I begin each morning of every day saying,  “what will I create today?”








7-090 Dianne Totten – Marietta, GA                                                   Category – Fiber
Peacock Vest reversible handmade vest                                                Sponsor: Barbara Kunkle – Twin Falls, ID                                                                   Venue: Rob Green Nissan Hyundai – 1080 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

Weaving is my passion. My hobby-turned-business took an exciting turn after taking a Catharine Ellis workshop in 2000. Instead of using the resist created by her method of handwoven shibori for dyeing, I applied the technique to permanently heat-setting designs in my cloth. The conclusion to my years of discovery and developing the technique that I call “Crimp Cloth” is how truly endless the possibilities are! I love to work with pattern, structure, and color. The satisfaction from conquering the challenge is the motivation for my next piece.

In Peacock Vest, the body of the vest is weft crimp and the collar is warp crimp. The vest is reversible as crimped cloth, however, the fabric looks the same on both sides when stretched flat – magic! Check this out by touching the ‘handling piece’ next to my entry.






7-094 Rose Pabon – Watsonville, CA
Category Fiber
Woven Wearables necklace 2’ and bracelet 7”                                    Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID                     Venue: Idaho Central Credit Union – 1875 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.








7-127 Peggy Maynes – Montrose, CO
Category – Fiber
Words to Live By 88″x88″ pieced and appliqued wool quilt

Sponsor: Maynes Tire – Montrose, CO

 Venue:  Dunkley Music – 1160 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

I have been sewing for sixty years and quilting for eighteen years. My favorite method of quilting is needle turn applique. For many years, I was a 4H leader and sewing instructor and judged quilting for Make It Yourself with Wool in Colorado for ten years. I’ve received numerous awards for my quilting and still enjoy this hobby all these years later








7-053 Trena Triplett – Filer, ID
Category – Fiber
Autumn Eyes 29.5″x28 quilted wall hanging
Sponsor: Chris & Anna Scholes – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Premier Autogroup –  636 Pole Line Rd.

I started quilting about 12 years ago with traditional blocks and fabrics. I enjoy the complete process, from piecing the top to completing the quilt on my home machines. Completing an art quilt has always been a goal. While on a cruise to Alaska I fell in love with this bear by Toni Whitney that was displayed at a store at one of the ports.  I thought it would be the perfect addition to a room at the cabin that we call the Bear Cave. And so the adventure began, finding 16 different batik fabrics and learning a new method of quilting and finishing. It has been a great adventure and I am excited with the final product. Matched











7-131 Stephanie Van Diest – Kimberly, ID

Category – Fiber
Both Sides Now 28″x48″ two-sided, hand quilted/jeweled kimono

Sponsor: Alice & Fred Elwood – Buhl, ID
Venue: Joslin Field – Magic Valley Regional Airport – 492 Airport Loop

My quilt Both Sides Now was inspired by a class my mom and I took on the art and history of Kimonos. I bought a couple of books and thought I would make a Kimono.

After figuring how much fabric and time it would take I decided to make a miniature Kimono. The quilt is two sided showing the back and front of the Kimono. It is machine and hand quilter and hand beaded and jeweled.






7-143 David Bahr & Courtney Bjornn  – Twin Falls, ID
Category Fiber
BMW Motorcycle 84”x48”x 42”

Sponsor: KapStone Packaging Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Middlekauff Ford Lincoln – 1243 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.  

We were trying to think of something cool to promote the company for the Western Days Parade a few years ago and we both like motorcycles so that’s how we came up with the idea. We used a photo of a classic BMW motorcycle as inspiration then each piece was drawn using ArtiosCAD software and cut on a Kongsberg cutting table designed to make corrugated box samples. It took about 3 months to make working on it in our spare time. Matched