2017 Drawing Category








7-038 Robert Ransom – Filer, ID 
Category – Drawing
One Small Chance charcoal pencil 40″x60″ mat board                             Sponsor: Chris and Anna Scholes, Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Twin Falls Sandwich Co. – 128 Main Ave. N.

The dead are invested in the events of the living.  This small bird carries from the underworld the one small chance that things are going to get better.

Ours needs to be an art that decolonizes the mind and puts us to the work of being free.









7-092 Dakota Black Jerome, ID 
Category Drawing
Untitled 14”x20”                                                                                                  Sponsor: Jane Bennett Munro – Twin Falls, ID                                            Venue: Body Balance Physical Therapy – 1053 Eastland Dr.






7-089 Jason Hicks Twin Falls, ID                                                             Category – Drawing
Metamorphosis of a Flower 24″x32″ colored pencil and ink        Sponsor: R. Michael Burr, CPA – Twin Falls, ID                                                       Venue: Kiwi Loco  – 1520 Fillmore St. N.

The beginning of this drawing started in February of 2001.  The conversation I often ask my students when they see me work on it is, “How old were you in 2001, some were not born yet.”  The point is to frame a reference to how long doing something worth while really can take.  Patience is the root of the lesson for my students, but for me, perseverance is the lesson as life can leave you in the dust.  This drawing is about that… being left in the dust and at the same time, being aware of the beauty happening in the midst of it.







7-070 Gerry Gallegos – Burley, ID
Category Drawing
Western Series of Four each 22″x26″ framed
Sponsor: Art Guild of the Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID

Venue: Premier Auto Group – 636 Pole Line Rd.

As an artist, I strive to capture a person’s emotions in my portrait drawings. If I can capture their expressions and feelings, then I feel I have created a piece of art. I believe in using as little of tools as possible to challenge myself to put a piece of myself in each drawing I do.







7-102 Teneill Gauthier Livingston, MT
Category Drawing
The Joker 30″x40″ prismacolor pencil drawing
Sponsor: Curtis & Mardo Eaton – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Commercial Tire – 679 Pole Line Rd.

Teneill Rose Gauthier is a mother, fine artist, and graphic design. Teneill’s artistic medium of choice is usually a box of prismacolor pencils (in all colors), though she loves to experiment with various other materials as to never limit herself and stay inspired by the world, and creativity of those around her. She has drawn in every genre including commissioned portraiture, inspired landscapes, all things abstract, and illustrative combinations of various styles and subjects. Her work in a variety of forms has been featured in craft fairs and shows around the state, and an in exhibition at Montana State University’s Waller-Yoblonsky Gallery in 2016. She invites you to become as lost in her large scale drawings as she was during their creation.






7-061 Ron Hicks – Twin Falls, ID 
Category – Drawing
Headed to Paradise
12“ x 80”                                                                         Sponsor: Ruth Turner – Twin Falls, ID                                                              Venue: Professional Frame – Main St. Plaza – 132 Main Ave. S.

From the mountains to the valleys, Idaho’s landscape is inspiring. I especially like late afternoon light on the mountains and the beautiful shadow patterns it creates.

This view from Timmerman Hill toward the Wood River Valley is a favorite.








7-081 Hope Saxton Port Hadock, WA
Category Drawing
Digger the Service Dog 10″x14“ before frame                                     Sponsor: Brown Consulting – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Snake River Pool & Spa – 960 Blue Lakes Blvd. N.

By evoking an emotional response in my art, I can have a social conversation with a total stranger, who may not speak my language, all over the world, in many delivery systems. If I can illustrate a response toward empathy to a softened heart, and educate the public to seen, and unseen disabilities, I have used my art to encourage a more compassionate society.






7-128 Jerry King  Jackpot, NV
Category Drawing                                                                                             Squaw Valley 18″x24“ charcoal and pencil                                                  Sponsor: Mary Ann Gilmore – Twin Falls, ID                                              Venue: Culver’s- 163 Pole Line Rd.

Squaw Valley is inspired by a day of branding calves for me and friend Chris Garzone, I being the healer and Chris the header. I am a working cowboy and draw from lifes experiences. The branding took place on Squaw Valley Ranch, Midas, Nevada.