2017 Ceramics Category








7-151 John A. Garrison II Twin Falls, ID
Category – Ceramics                                                                                           Crystal Sky 10.5” x 4”

Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID
Venue:  Crystals EnLight – 132 Hansen St. E.

Since childhood I was exposed to ceramic art by my grandfather and my uncle that were in the pottery business for several years. I never had a serious interest in ceramics until 2014 until I discovered the art of crystalline ceramics from local artists in Seagrove, North Carolina. At the time, making pottery was simply a stress relieving hobby that eventually led me down a rabbit hole, chasing crystals. This exhibited piece is the result of three years of research, trial and error, and the dedication to making unique crystalline pottery.

This piece is made with porcelain clay and fired to Cone 11 (2,400F) with my custom-made glaze containing Cobalt Carbonate and Manganese Dioxide. Start to finish took roughly 30 days with the final firing lasting 35 hours. The glaze itself grows actual zinc silicate crystals during its last fire which in nature takes hundreds to thousands of years to from.








7-139 Camille Johnson – Twin Falls, ID
Category – Ceramic
Skeleton Vase 4”                                                                                                    Sponsor:  Windsors Nursery – Kimberly, ID                                                 Venue: Bath N Body Boutique – 140 Main Ave. N.

As a Pottery teacher, my main focus is on 3-dimensional artworks. Having studied drawing and oil painting in college, I still have a love of 2-dimensional work. As an Art Education major, I studied all mediums and appreciated all mediums. Recently I have been incorporating the two and even more recently I have returned to the drawing and painting that fills my soul. Forms in clay reflect the form of the human body. Skeletons are the external or internal support of all things, and to me represent the depths of who we are as humans: simple line and form culminating in an exquisite celebration of the similarities of all people beneath our façades. I find art to be a limitless exploration of self and humanity and I hope to never limit myself to a solitary medium. I am forever evolving as an artist, and art feeds my soul and allows me to breathe.








7-141 Ka Harper – Burley, ID
Category – Ceramic
Vessel 2.5′ tall, 1.5′ wide, 6″ deep                                                                       Sponsor: Art Guild of Magic Valley – Twin Falls, ID                                      Venue: 632 – 632 Main Ave. N.

I can take a lump of earth and give it new life. I compose a body that is a balance of masculine and feminine qualities, flowing into one form. As I work I make elegant beauty that can be used as it stands the test of time.






7-002 Anna Mumm Jackson – Kimberly, ID
Category – Ceramic
Nesting Bowls
Sponsor: Rex & Cheryl Leforgee – Twin Falls, ID                                         Venue: Quale’s Electronics – 1730 Kimberly Rd.

I choose ceramics as a medium because the more physically involved I can be with an artistic process, the more successful the outcome is.

Production based work flows smoothly and puts my mind at ease, while repeating steps over and over gives me constant practice and my failures only leave room for improvement.

Nesting together, these bowls are joined as a set with decreasing size, complimenting alterations and matching glaze application. With this glaze application, the interiors vary slightly while the exteriors remain consistent which allows them to be appealing both nested and apart.

Website:  instagram.com/amj.jacksonware.pots

7-006 Paula Dodd –      Twin Falls, ID
Category – Ceramics
Great Barrier Reef Turtle Mandala Bisque Fired 2QT Lidded Casserole, 7 3/4″x 7 1/4″ hand-painted mandala and lid
with embossed turtles on lid exterior

SponsorPhil & Linda Brugger – Twin Falls, ID
Venue: Canyon Crest Dining & Event Center – 330 Canyon Crest Dr.

Lidded casseroles are a favorite pottery task for me to throw. I enjoy the puzzle of getting the top and bottom to fit with calipers. For best fit both the lid and dish need to be thrown at the same time with controlled drying rates. The handle is added to the lid after final trimming of the lid. Once bone dry, the item was bisque fired to about 1945F. The pieces have been hand painted with an underglaze with a final glaze to be added and firing to 2145F.  This piece is safe for food, oven, microwave, and dishwasher uses.








7-120 Jerry Hendershot – Boise, ID
Category – Ceramic
Great Basin Figura:  Wood Elemental
4’x2′ ceramic totem-pole figurative sculpture                                  Sponsor: Laura Kistner – Boise, ID                                                                        Venue: Premier Auto Group –  636 Pole Line Rd.

The Great Basin is an elemental place. It is a place of wind and stone, wood and rot, iron and rust. It is a stubbornly austere beauty. A place of ancient texture and abandoned line and shape. My figura series continues with a separate sub-series, the Great Basin Figuras. Wood Elemental is a testament to the aged and abandoned structures found in ghost towns scattered across the West, in places such as Tuscarora, Nevada. Windows are paneless and house birds nests and dusty bottles. This is the Elemental that represents the slow degradation of time on man’s efforts to settle and claim the open steppes of the Great Basin. Wood splinters, fades, cracks, warps, and erodes and leaves untold stories in its wake.