2013 Award Winners


1st place winner and recipient of $10,000 was Jacob Novinger from Gooding, ID with “Flaming Giraffe.”

Jeannie Sligar-Shakstad 2nd Place Award and recipient of $5,000 was Scot Horton from Buhl, ID with “Magic Valley’s Mountain Lion.”

Gregg and Sallee Middlekauff 3rd Place Award and recipient of $2,500 was Kay Taylor Affleck from Paul, ID with “Mama’s Boy.”

12 $1,000.00 were:


Ken Newman – Cambridge, Idaho, Caleb Meyer – Albion, Idaho, Greg Bartlett – Twin Falls, Idaho,       Silas Thompson – Declo, Idaho, Robert Moore – Declo, Idaho, Riley Bohon – Heyburn, Idaho,             Shena Bingham – Dietrich, Idaho, Doug Pollow – Twin Falls, Idaho, Julee Willow-Twin Falls, Idaho,         Tim Elam–Twin Falls, Idaho, Boris (Bill) Garibyan – Twin Falls, Idaho, Connie Wood- Hagerman, Idaho

Youth Award

Anna Jensen – Twin Falls, Idaho








2 thoughts on “2013 Award Winners”

  1. There were so many amazing entries this year!!!
    Congratulations to Jacob and Scot for your placement in this years competition. Kay Taylor Affleck’s pastel drawing was amazing! The way she manipulates pastels is masterful and difficult to imitate. Her drawing conveyed emotion and power through the soft strength of skill. I look forward to seeing more of her artwork.
    Thank you for another fantastic competition.

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